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Beware: the Consequences of Chat Rooms and Dating…

Mar 19, 2008 3 Comments

a definite winner in this IT age.

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Writing could give you a better heart

Mar 16, 2008 7 Comments

Sick of popping pills to lower your Cholesterol? Try the latest non-invasive, non pill popping technique

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Men win the dating odds in New York

Mar 13, 2008 1 Comment

The odds for men meeting their match in New York are staggering with a ratio of women to men being 5:1. Guys what are you waiting for? Move to New York…

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Queen Samantha reports: SHI Pendant Is Wedding Band Of Singles

Mar 09, 2008 4 Comments

Queen Samantha recently reported SHI Symbol is the Wedding Band for Singles. It’s the latest in dating tools. Providing singles with clarity-it’s a winner.

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8 Words with 2 Meanings

Mar 04, 2008 2 Comments

There are always 2 ways to see something & this list highlights the different views of the same word by men & women. Good laughing material if it weren’t true!

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Economists solving the Dating dilemma?

Feb 29, 2008 4 Comments

Economist solves the mysteries of dating

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Dating Tips – 20 Dates for Under $20

Feb 29, 2008 3 Comments

Want to give a good impression on your first date – take a look at these fabulous dating ideas that won’t cost you an arm and leg.

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In Pictures: Where The Millionaires Date Online

Feb 28, 2008 1 Comment

Business Magazine article on Online Dating is quite an eye opener, if only for the sheer numbers of people using it as another tool for meeting that special person.

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Giving Pole Dancing a new look

Feb 27, 2008 3 Comments

Pole Dancers do it best

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Smart guys date by circuit…

Feb 25, 2008 1 Comment

Ever fancied yourself as a mathematician? Try out these dating circuit diagrams – too funny!

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SHI people in Canada?

Feb 21, 2008 3 Comments

6 Canadian Print Newspapers & other Online versions featured an article on how to catch your Valentine & SHI Symbol was singled out if you’ll pardon the pun

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Hello world! Who is this lovely SHI woman?

Feb 19, 2008 2 Comments

win a solid sterling silver SHI Pendant.

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