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Fashionable Black for the confident and passionate amongst us – Dominic Louis style

Jul 22, 2010 3 Comments

Tweet The designer is Louis Marione.  The company is Dominic Louis.  You will need to remember them both.  During these times, I must be unconsciously preoccupied with the darker, more occult, and more vampirish aspects of fashion.  This week there is this androgynous and dark collection which is equal parts Rick Owens, Tom of Finland, […]

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The Finale – Haute Couture Style

Jul 11, 2010 3 Comments

The final collections have been shown…the season hobbled to a close on a more promising note but certainly not equal to its opening performance.

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Want Ricky Martin’s Necklace?

Jul 09, 2010 13 Comments

Tweet Well you too can have a ‘one of a kind’ simply stunning necklace. It’s the latest thing that is HOT, HOT, HOT – a Miracle Icons necklace that is unique – and SHI Symbol has 1 to GIVE AWAY for FREE. And, NO, you DO NOT have to purchase anything, just subscribe to the SHI […]

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Fashion Frenzy? Chanel, Valentino, Lagerfeld – What to say…

Jul 09, 2010 24 Comments

Tweet Another fabulous commentary by Jeffrey B Felner on what is the highlight of the Fashion world’s calendar – the Paris Fashion Show. Haute Couture is the creme de la creme of fashion, but this season we see that even the grandest master of the couture..KARL LAGERFELD…can produce a clunker of a collection and that hiring new […]

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Givenchy and Armani in Paris 2010

Jul 07, 2010 No Comments

Tweet As promised yesterday, here’s more from the amazing Fashion extravaganza being held in Paris as I type. Today it is time for the ‘regulars’ such as Givenchy and Armani. Enjoy… Chapter 2 in Paris couture includes one more unlikely pair of designers, one the new sweetheart and one a hall of famer. The 2 […]

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Fashion Rules again – Destination…Over the Top

Jul 06, 2010 13 Comments

Tweet If you’re wondering what’s going on in the Haute Couture world of Paris Fashion – you need look no further than this scintillating piece of news – and check out the outfits too… It is that twice a year ritual that can only be described as “the wet dream of the fashion world.” It […]

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Amulets & Talismans, “MIRACLE ICONS” another Fashion statement… WIN ONE HERE

Jun 29, 2010 10 Comments

Miracle Icons medals are the good luck charms for everything and anything.

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Christian, Yves and Karl – Who’s that?

Jun 18, 2010 No Comments

Tweet This is the perfect book to take you through how new designers became the most famous international designers that we have ever known.   They are the precursors of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano and paved the way for so many designers and brands of the 21st century. The Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake – […]

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Oligoville rides again…

Jun 14, 2010 5 Comments

Mr New York Fashion Writer himself, the very interesting Jeffrey B Felner has just reviewed SHI Symbol for his Oligoville Fashion and Music lovers network

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Jun 09, 2010 No Comments

Tweet As we all know, fashion is an enormous international conglomerate which has an endless inventory, endless database of designers and an endless audience. During my search for some of the newer and newest designers, I was fortunate enough to find Sandro Reali who certainly has found his way via many paths within the business […]

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May 20, 2010 No Comments

Tweet By all standards these are not your average next door neighbor types nor are they to be found at your corner store but they might just be the most talented design team you have ever met! Meet THE BLONDS, Phillipe and David. If you ever dreamed of dressing like a rock star, that dream […]

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The Allure of Chanel by Paul Morand, lllustrations by Karl Lagerfeld

May 01, 2010 No Comments

Tweet (Pushkin Press, April 2010) Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend a weekend with Coco Chanel? Just the two of you engaged in an extended conversation, which is really her recounting some of her most memorable times of her youth and later life? There have been many words and hours […]

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Fashion Guru provides Weekly Dose of What’s Hot and What’s Not…

Apr 22, 2010 6 Comments

Tweet SHI Symbol is very pleased to announce New York fashion writer, Jeffrey B Felner’s contribution to this blog. You’ll be kept abreast of What’s Hot and What’s Not, the latest trends, fashion faux pas and more every week. Jeffrey’s first post is very topical with Earth Day literally upon us – today! Do enjoy […]

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Heartbreaker Heaven all natural Mineral Makeup release

Apr 05, 2010 17 Comments

Mineral make up can be used not just to cover your skin, it can be good for your skin, as well.

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Nail Polish Giveaway

Oct 10, 2009 9 Comments

BB Couture, Overall Beauty and SHI Symbol are featured on for Nail Polish Giveaway

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Natural Beauty Partnership

Jul 05, 2009 3 Comments

Everyone, but particularly Singles the world over love looking their best and what better way than with natural beauty products.’

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American Independence Day Beauty Give Away

Jun 29, 2009 1 Comment

Want to win an Overall Beauty/SHI Symbol giveaway for American Independence Day – read on…

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How to Keep Yourself Looking Good – without the Diets, Surgery or Drugs!

Apr 03, 2009 6 Comments

NEW ANTI-AGING GELS that actually address the sources of aging, not just signs & symptoms. SEE THE DIFFERENCE YOURSELF, NO ONE NEEDS TO CONVINCE YOU-ALL IN 10 MINUTES!

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Miss World Australia Joins Forces with Dating Symbol and Charities

Feb 03, 2009 1 Comment

A terrific opportunity for Singles everywhere to help an Australian Charity by simply using their Dating Symbol.

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