What Men Need To Know About Dressing For A Date

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Yes, women can take the longest time selecting that just perfect outfit for a date. Now guys, feedback shows that most of you just grab a pair of pants and a shirt and the rest just follows. If you”re wanting a few tips on dressing for a date, so you can impress just that little bit more… В  Not all women are as obsessed with clothes as movies and sitcoms would suggest, but most women, when showing up for a first date, will expect the man they”re meeting to put at least a little effort into his appearance. No matter how comfortable you may be in a hoodie, jeans, and old worn-down shoes, that”s unlikely to give off a great first impression. Fortunately, you don”t have to be a fashion guru to brush up on your clothing choices. Simply follow these tips — you”ll find they go a long way toward sprucing you up.

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A lot of men tend to dress in all-neutral colors — maybe out of simplicity or because they”re not certain which shades go well together. You want to make yourself stand out, though, so spice it up with a little splash of color. It doesn”t have to be a lot. Try a dark green or blue sweater with a white dress shirt. It”s simple and stylish without being overbearing.

Jeans Are Okay

Avoid the temptation to toss on a pair of khakis. They may be slightly more formal, but they”re definitely not sexy. Don”t worry, you”re not stuck wearing work pants either, though. As long as you”re not going to an upscale restaurant, a pair of nice, dark jeans will do just fine. They do have to be nice, though — no holes or stains.

Pay Attention To Your Shoes

Think you don”t have to focus on your footwear? Think again. The wrong pair of shoes can throw off an entire ensemble, and women will notice it. Fortunately, the rules for shoes aren”t difficult. Almost any type of shoe will look good with a nice pair of jeans, but here”s the catch: The shoes have to look good. Brand-new tennis shoes give you a casual, sporty look. Scuffed, dirty tennis shoes look sloppy.

Try a Jacket

Jackets are an easy way to add an extra level of class to an outfit — and if you”re looking for a way to add some color, they”re a perfect choice. Splurge a little to pick up one of this seasons jackets from high end designers and you”ll have something you can easily mix-and-match with the rest of your wardrobe to make sure you always look stylish. В  It doesn”t take a lot of effort to amp up the way you dress, but you”ll be surprised at how differently you are perceived. Now you can confidently focus on getting to know your date without wondering what she thinks of the way you”re dressed — you”ll know you look good. And girls, here”s another post you”ll enjoy if you”re looking for love and want to know how to impress by your dress?

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