Five Great Date Ideas for the Warmer Weather

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Spring has sprung – so get those date ideas and put them into action.

Dating takes on a whole new level of fun when the warm weather rolls around. Dating isn’t confined to stuffy movie theaters, dark restaurants, or bowling alleys. There are a plethora of ways to have fun with your special someone under the sunny skies.


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Dates don’t have to be elaborate soirees. Couples can have just as much fun doing something like flying a kite on a breezy Saturday afternoon, heading to a local river or lake and spending the day with a picnic and your toes in the cool water, or even just hanging out in the backyard and having a water balloon fight. A simple and easy going date is often the best way to get to know someone.


Be Adventurous!


If you’re lucky enough to live in an outdoors-loving state, then finding heart pounding activities to enjoy with your date is the perfect way to bond without the pressure. Ziplining is a great warm weather activity, combining stunning views that are best seen with someone you care about and a heart-stopping ride over trees and canyons. Rock climbing is another sport that requires trust and courage that can tighten the bond between you and your other half. There are lots of guides you can hire to take you on an exciting adventure and ensure both of your safety.


Get in Shape


Organizations like Team in Training give participants personalized training plans while you raise money for leukemia awareness and research. You can run a marathon or do a triathlon while doing some good over the summer. Best part of all is you can partner with your lover and make your weekly training a date!


Share an Icecream


A great way to get to know your date better is to share an ice cream cone or bowl of Yumz Gourmet Frozen Yogurt. A cold treat is a great way to wind down after a hike or a stroll through the park. Having ice cream together can be nostalgic and remind you of your younger dating days. This is a great opportunity to reminisce about the past with the one you love or open up to someone new about your childhood.


Group Murder-Mystery Dinner


Nothing spells fun and intrigue like heading to a historic locale under a warm-weather night sky and joining in on the hot trend of murder-mystery dinners. Dress up in fun retro costumes that show bare arms and encourage flirty shoes while you and your date go head to head with other participants to decide whodunit. Some of these dinners are held at historic hotels, encouraging guests to stay the night after the rousing evening. Take a stroll hand in hand through the moonlit grounds and bask in the afterglow of your super sleuthing.


Go on a Bike Tour


Map out a scenic route that’s highlighted with glorious nature or kitschy stops like local bars. Cruising down quiet country roads overlooking flower filled meadows or hitting some local breweries for a beer tasting or appetizers are a great way to strike up interesting conversations with someone you don’t know that well.


Think outside the box when it comes to warm weather date ideas. Winter can severely decrease the amount of adventure you’re able to have so be sure to embrace the possibilities when you’re looking for your next great date idea.


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