Three Activities that Will Put Fun in Your Relationship

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One of the most common complaints you hear about being ‘a couple’ is that it is getting boring. YOu know, the ‘same old, same old…’ It doesn’t have to be that way. Think back to when you were dating, things were great, you looked hot, he fancied you big time, lots of exciting places to go and explore together, new experiences and the list goes on. Well now is the time to get that zing back in your relationship and stop being the boring couple…

It’s a known fact that a certain amount of sunshine is good for your health. Being exposed to the sun helps the body produce nutrients and combats depression. Additionally, most people appreciate the color they add to their skin due to being exposed to the sun.

Oftentimes, couples find themselves in the same routine once they have been together for a while. Going to dinner and a movie is fun, but embarking on a trip into nature can add excitement to your relationship and break up the routine. Below are three outdoor activities that will put some fun in your relationship.

1. Road TripsThree Activities photo credit annette hazard

Even though a road trip is taken in a vehicle, with a few modifications, couples can enjoy plenty of nature and the open road from the car while spending plenty of time with the one they love. When you plan a trip, take the “scenic route” or the roads that go off the common path. If you drive by a field of tulips or wildflowers, stop and have a walk around, appreciate the beauty and enjoy time alone with your partner. Make sure you have the best walking shoes on for all the stops you might take to share a nice stroll hand-in-hand. Having the convenience of your car means that rain or a disturbed bee hive won’t hamper your trip – just run back to the car and hit the road. Leave the windows down, and let the breeze run through you hair. Driving down the back roads can be a great outdoor adventure and solid quality time outdoors in nature with your partner.

2. Go Camping

The ultimate in fun is a camping trip outdoors for couples. There are plenty of campsites set aside all over the country for tents, hiking, fire building, fishing and other camping activities. Most campgrounds charge a small fee or no fee. If you and your partner aren’t exactly the outdoorsy type of people, some campgrounds have the conveniences of stocked general stores, indoor showers and even cabins for rent. Camping gets you both out alone, away from other people and in a romantic setting. Set up your tent on the side of a lake, light a fire and crawl into a sleeping bag with your sweetie. Soaking up the sights and sounds alone in nature is just what you both need and will help  put fun in your relationship once more.

3. Star Watching

Whether you live in the inner city or out in the country, you’re never far from finding a place for star gazing. You might be surprised at the amount of quality stars you can see miles away from earth – and oftentimes you can catch a special celestial event such as a comet, appearance of a nearby planet or even a meteor show. Star-gazing is a very romantic activity, leads to closeness and gives you time to share an amazing night together under a blanket below the stars. Name a star after your lover, and pack a picnic dinner and bottle of wine to share while out together. Star gazing is an extremely romantic activity, so give it a try!

Getting out with your partner doing something fun enhances your relationship and gives you the quality time you both probably need. Think of some more interesting ways you and your lover can get out and enjoy nature together for some much-needed down time.

And if you are in need of a few more hints on how to put that fun back in your relationship, try this link or this one.

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  1. TC says:

    We cannot make everyday exciting. We work, come home late and have to get up early the next day. Also, we are too much into technology these days. Everyone on their laptops and doing something even when they are in the company of each other. Therefore, your suggestions are great. Get out and do things together and spare more time for each other.

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