Got a Big Date? Aaagh… What to Wear!

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5 Tips for Men on What to Wear When Going Out on the Town

You’ve scored a hot date with a hot girl at a hot spot. There’s only one problem-What are you going to wear? Follow these 5 tips to look your best.

1- Mirror Check

Before picking out the perfect date duds, look at yourself in the mirror. dressfordating got a big date Photo credit Chaleigh GlassCheck out your skin tone and hair color. Generally, guys with dark hair and light skin look good in rich and bold colors. On the other hand, fair haired and light eyed guys look better in muted or pastel hues. Your body type is another thing to consider. If you’re not as slim as you’d like to be, consider wearing your shirt untucked, loosely skimming your body. In contrast, if you are slimmer, you can get away with wearing tighter fitting shirts.

Tip 2- Coat

If you plan on wearing a coat, choose wisely. Slim guys look stylish in a shorter length coat. If you don’t have a perfect body, opt for a longer length. Don’t limit yourself to the conservative blazer if the date is at a trendy spot. A leather jacket looks nice paired with jeans.

Tip 3- Shirt

Make a smart shirt choice by picking one that fits well and is stylish. Your best bet is a buttoned, collared shirt in a solid color. Prints and patterns are OK on a small scale, but steer clear of large prints. Another acceptable choice is a sweater, but stay away from bulky ones. As with the buttoned down shirt, stick to a solid color; this is not the time for argyle.

Tip 4- Pants

A quick way to ruin your overall look is by wearing the wrong kind of pant. There are lots of choices of mens jeans. Generally you’ll want to try them on before you purchase any, there are several different cuts to choose from and not all are flattering on all body types. Get the right pair and they’ll look great for  date night.

Tip 5-Shoes

If you think your date won’t notice your shoes, think again, so forget about sporting your sneakers or sandals. Choose shoes that aren’t dressy enough for formal, though. A good option with jeans is a nice pair of boots.


Knowing how to dress for a date will give you the self-confidence you need to have a great time and perhaps prompt an opportunity for a second date.

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One Response to “Got a Big Date? Aaagh… What to Wear!”

  1. Domonique Powell says:

    Good advice. There is nothing I hate more then a nice looking guy who doesn’t put effort into the way he dresses.

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