How to Move Your Relationship to the Next Level

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5 Relationship-Building Activities


Whether you find yourself in a new and exciting romantic relationship or have been in a monogamous relationship for years, the fact remains that you should always be looking for ways to build your relationship with the other person and build trust. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun and effective relationship-building activities that any couple can try out as a way of becoming closer than ever.


Try Something New Together

One of the best ways to grow closer and more trusting with eachrelationship building photo credit Brionna Kennedy other as a couple is to try something that is completely new and unfamiliar to both of you. Furthermore, choosing an activity that requires one or both of you to face a fear is an even better way of building trust. For example, you may wish to go skydiving, SCUBA diving, or even trying a new food together.


Check Things Off the Bucket List

Over time, your relationship can seem to grow dull if you do not make an effort to spice things up with your significant other. If you think this is happening in your relationship, consider checking some things you have always wanted to do off your bucket lists. This can help to renew your relationship and make things more exciting as well.


Plan a Romantic Night Together

Consider going on a special “date night,” just the two of you. Forget about all of your obligations, such as work or other stresses. Make reservations at a fancy restaurant for dinner, see a show, and consider getting a hotel. I particularly love visiting Ottawa in Canada and there are plenty of Ottawa downtown hotels, such as the Cartier Place Suite Hotel, that are just great for romantic nights out. Mixing up your regular routine is always a good way to see a different side to your significant other and have a good time together. You are much more likely to create memories together if you are doing something out of the norm.


Exercise Together

Whether it be something as simple as taking regular walks together or even hitting the gym as a couple, getting exercise together can be a great way to increase your energy levels and feel more attracted to one another. And if you are both avid exercisers, it is a great way to find more time together during the day. It will also give you more to talk about and experience together.


Find Another Couple

Sometimes, having separate groups of friends is nice, but having a mutual couple friend to go on double dates with can be fun. Consider scheduling a double date night to re-energize your own relationship while building friendships and having fun in the process.


There are plenty of ways to go about taking your relationship to a further level of bonding and closeness than ever before. Be sure to give some or all of the above relationship-building tips a try to see how they work out for you. But always remember not to stress about the situation. These are great ideas to help you create meaningful memories and situations, if it is suppose to happen it will. Don’t stress and remember to have fun and enjoy this place.


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