Five Ways To Attract A Classy Lady In This Day and Age

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A classy lady is a woman who is stylish, has a lot of pride and self-respect. She has strong morals and she is more elegant than the average woman. To attract a classy lady, you need to understand what a woman like that is looking for in a man. In this article we will discuss five ways for a man to get the attention of a classy lady in this day and age.

Dress your best

A classy woman will stand out from a crowd because of how she dresses. classy lady photo credit freedigitalphotos ID-100133524The trick here is for you to do the same thing. You definitely don’t want to dress in a sloppy fashion, because that is the opposite of classy. However, you also don’t want to dress like everyone else does. Classy girls are looking for a prince, so make sure you look nice and original. You can usually find cheap but stylish clothes from Goodwill and other thrift stores.

Cut and style your hair

Even if you are dressed up in the perfect outfit, bad hair can easily ruin your chances of attracting an elegant woman. She will most likely be looking for someone who has passion and self-respect. A bad haircut gives the impression that you’re lazy and don’t care about yourself. When you do get your hair cut and styled, choose something that isn’t too extreme.

Always be clean shaven

When you look at someone, you usually look at their face. If your body was a book, your face would be like the cover. For a man, shaving is a task that directly relates to your facial appearance. A clean and neat shave will make any man look his best. However, improper shaving practices can make a man look unattractive. If you’re not careful, you can end up with dry skin. According to The Art of Shaving, an after shave moisturizer is the key to avoiding this problem.

Similar interests

Classy ladies tend to have interests in more sophisticated things than ordinary women. They may be interested in things that you know very little about. It’s your job to learn about these things and gain real interest in them – before you go on a date!

Be more like them

To catch the stylish, elegant woman of your dreams, you need to be classy yourself. Everyone has the potential to have more class. While you certainly don’t want to become a phoney, you should try to hide some of your less-classy habits. Don’t give up what makes you who you are, but avoid doing anything that might scare a woman with class away.


There’s really no way to guarantee that you’ll be able to attract a particular type of woman. However, the five ideas we discussed might at least help you increase your chances of attracting a dignified, considerate, classy lady. If you follow them carefully, you will at least be giving yourself better odds.

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