How to Start a Text Conversation With a Girl

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The Dos and Don’ts of Text Conversation


If you have found the girl of your fantasies and want her to know your feelings, texting is the best way for that.

The hesitation of proposing somebody in face is a big hurdle, but when you are texting, you do not fear that much.

Also, you can be more expressive in texting provided you know how to put the softest feelings of your heart into words.

Here are some easy ways to text messages to let your dream girl know your feelings.start a conversation Image David Castillo Dominici

Girls are very sensitive. You cannot just bump into their place to throw your three magical words.

Timing is very important here. Girls do get attracted to smartness but in their definition of smartness, emotions, expression of feelings and soberness do count more.

If you are sending message to a girl never directly show your liking. Rather appreciate her dressing sense or something that she spoke about.

Remember, texting works more than those expensive gifts you are planning to gift your blue-eyed lady.

If she is with you going for some party, you can give a silent compliment by simply admiring her dress and look. Especially, when you are in a group, your appreciation will automatically bring a precious smile on her lips.

Be sure to have your SMS package fully recharged before you start wooing your lady with your words.

If a simple ‘hello, good evening’ is reciprocated with same enthusiastic tone, you may go forward.

But if she replies in shorter version like ‘GM,’ then be careful. She may be tired or just not in mood for a prolonged text conversation.

Never be too much elaborate in expressing your feelings. Most of the girls like simple words expressed in soft ways.

In case she has started replying you, you don’t need to seek reasons for texting; otherwise you can just send a ‘hello’ or ‘good morning.’ These words never irritate anybody.


If you know when your dream girl prefers texting, the luck is in your favor. However, never bother her by continuous texting.

Just asking about her well being or simply sending some touchy messages in a whole day are enough. If she also likes them, she would definitely take some efforts to reply.

If you know your dream girl prefers texting in night, Boy you have already got the way to go! So, start with some poetic expression about the lovely evening or some common meeting, where you noticed her.

Choose some good words to make her keep replying; however do not forget to ask if she has problem in replying. This will not only please her but also express that you care for people, especially her!

Nights are made for romance and love. The moment your girls get deep into conversation, you may go further in expressing your liking for her.

It is best, when you do this on a full moon night. Romantic words flow like twinkling stars in the quietness of night and you can say what you want.

If you feel that she is silent after you expression of romantic feelings, give a break. Do not be impatient. Let her feel she has her own liberty to say no or yes. Repeated questioning may spoil all your efforts and romantic feelings.

Girls love listeners. So, if you feel your lady love has started expressing something, do give attention.

If she shares some joke, even if you know it already, sending a smiley in reply will make her feel that you enjoyed the joke.

The moment she feels you are keen to know more about her, the tone of her texting will be in your favor and the doors of heart will slowly be open to you!!


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