Looking For A February Valentine?

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 How To Date Safely

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and there are 55 million single people in America. That’s the bad news. The good news is that 42 million of those singles are looking for a special Valentine online right now, so your chances of finding your sweetheart in time are promising. Whether you search for love online or through some of the more traditional methods, there are a few things to remember to practice safe dating. 

Blind Dates and Set-Ups 

Some of the more traditional methods of finding love in time for flickr Valentine alville 4514173888Valentine’s Day include blind dates and set-ups by mutual friends. Although your friends have your best interests in mind, they may not be the best matchmakers. When a friend arranges for you to meet “this awesome guy from work,” or a “hot girl from the bowling alley,” the best approach is to be open to meeting him or her, but also be realistic about your expectations. Even if the set-up or blind date doesn’t turn out as you had imagined, maybe you’ll make a new friend.

In addition to being realistic about how the date will turn out, you should also remember to be safe. Ask the friend who set you up how well he or she knows your date. If your friend is simply an acquaintance with the arranged date, then it is always best to err on the side of caution. Meet in a public place. Drive yourself to the agreed upon location and limit the personal information you share.

Tapping Into the Online Singles’ Pool 

Your chances of finding true love are ideal if you search for love online, since so many other singles are doing that very same thing. And this may be a better way of finding someone with whom you have a lot in common. However, it is good to remember that not everyone you meet online is presenting themselves in the most accurate light.

When arranging to meet someone you’ve met online in person, keep the above tips in mind (drive yourself to a public place; do not give out personal information like your home address) as well as a few other common sense safe dating tips, including:

-       Always keep an eye on your drink to make sure nobody is slipping a drug into it.

-       Keep your personal identification and cell phone with you at all times, in case of emergency.

-       Have an “escape plan” in case things are not going well, as in calling a friend to pick you up or meet you.

-       Always tell another friend or family member where you are when you are meeting someone for the very first time. That way, should anything happen, they will know where to find you.

-       Call or text a friend to let them know when you have returned home safely from the date.

Don’t Overindulge to be Polite

Finally, try not to drink too much. You may want to be polite and not refuse any drinks that your date is buying for you, but it is more important to remain as sober as possible. This is for your safety during the date, and for driving home afterward. The last thing you want is to be arrested for driving while intoxicated after an evening with your potential love interest.

Keep these safe and smart dating tips in mind and you may very well find yourself a Valentine not only for February, but for the rest of the year as well.

Being absent from the dating scene for a bit does not mean that Domonique Powell is ignorant of what can happen during a date. She advises her adult children to follow the tips provided above and to review http://www.nj-dmv-dwi.com/ before getting behind the wheel. Learn more about her here.

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