Important Conversations You Need to Have as a Couple

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Why communicating well is so important


Whether you are planning to get married soon or you and your significant other are talking about how serious your relationship is, certain conversations need to come into play. Even if the topics are difficult, discussing them with your partner is necessary.

The Children Question

Eventually, all couples must decide if they are going to have children. For many, the answer is a straightforward yes or no. However, others aren’t sure, and sometimes, one person will want children and the other won’t. This is generally a deal breaker since you can’t compromise on it. Couples should also discuss whether or not they want pets as these cuddly cuties are children for some. For me this is one of THE most important conversations to have before it’s too late!

Dealing with Debt

If the two of you are going to get married, your debt is going to become a joint issue. Therefore, you need to discuss how you are going to handle the money you owe. You might decide to apply for a cash advance to deal with some of the debt now, or you may work out a plan for paying it off month by month. In any case, your debt will affect one another if you are deciding to get married or to buy a house together.

Where to LiveImportant Conversations photo permission Savannah Coulsen

Couples also need to decide where they are going to live, and this is especially difficult if the relationship is long distance. Both people will likely want to be near their families, so they will need to decide who to be by.

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Even if the families are both from the same location, each member of the couple might have a different idea of the ideal living spot.

House or Apartment

In addition to where you are going to live, you also need to figure out what type of dwelling you are going to have. This discussion will include a variety of elements. You’ll need to decide if you’re going to save up all of the money for rent or if you will take out a loan from a place like to buy a home. Additionally, you’ll have to determine how large of a living space you want.

Spending Time with Family and Friends

Of course, you and your significant other will spend a lot of time together, but it’s also healthy to have moments with family and friends alone. People often disagree about how much time is too much time away, so you should discuss this issue with your partner as well.


As you can see, couples definitely have some major issues to discuss before they can fully settle down.

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