5 Great Dates That Can Step Up The Heat In A Relationship

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Want a date to remember….

The fallback date idea has always been dinner and a movie. While that can certainly be fun, it’s not really going to put the heat in your relationship. The key ingredient for a romantic date is planning. Whether it is a surprise weekend getaway or a simple Sunday afternoon outing, covering all the bases of where, when and how is going to score major points with your partner. Here are five great dates that can step up the heat in your relationship:

Try A Cooking Class

With a little searching, you’re sure to find a cooking class in your neck of the woods. This is especially a great idea if your partner does all the cooking. You’ll be showing them that you’re willing to step up and learn what it takes to make them happy. Besides, we all know the best path to the heart is through the stomach!

Share A Dance Classdates to step up the heat photo freedigitalphotos 10040411Savannah Coulsen

If you’ve been invited to a wedding, then you’ll want to brush up on your dance steps. Whether you’re learning salsa, swing or the fox trot you’re going to be spending the night close together. We all know where that can lead.

Take A Soothing Soak In A Hot Tub

Have you thought about installing your own private hot tub? This can actually be an idea for a special date that you can revisit all the time. Having a hot tub in your backyard is a wonderful opportunity to unwind after a hard day of work. You can even customize your own hot tub. That will turn every dip into the warm waters into a special night of romance.

Hire A Limo For The Night

The two common times we get to ride in a limo are when we go to prom or to our wedding. Why not rent a limo for a simple Saturday night on the town? This has a built in guaranteed awesome surprise factor! Have some chilled champagne waiting in the back as you head out to your favorite restaurant or club. It’s the ride home in the backseat of the limo that can really fire up the heat in your relationship.

Pick A Date From Your Bucket List

We all have those things we want to do. Have you and your partner write out a top 25 bucket list. Then find a way to knock off those items one by one. Bonus points if you share the same bucket list activities.

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