5 Wacky Tales of Break-Ups Gone Bad

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Now these made me laugh – unfortunately they are sad but true. Don’t you become one of these ‘stories’ please.


Breaking up is hard to do, as the old song says. It’s accutane rare for a couple to willingly part ways without a bump in the road. However, some endings are more like a train wreck. Take a look at these 5 wacky tales of break-ups gone bad.


Talk About Being Head Over Heels5 Wacky Tales of Break-Ups Gone Bad photo permission Samantha Stainsburry

In November of 2013, a new bride and groom from Montana were on their honeymoon. Only eight days into their new marriage, they supposedly quarreled during a hike. The groom met a hasty death when http://cymbaltaonline-pharmacy.com/ he was allegedly pushed over the edge. It would appear the bride had second thoughts.

Warning: Don’t Text and Break Up

One PA couple hashed out their break-up in a heartless way through texts. When the boyfriend pledged his undying love and devotion, his girlfriend started to compare their relationship to a host of celebrity couples. He pointed out that all of the mentioned lovebirds had called it quits. The girl finally sent, “You’re not getting the picture. It’s over!”

Time to Take Out the Trash

Take a lesson from one guy who didn’t hide his email communications with his new mistress. When his girlfriend came home and discovered the news that she was lame, in his opinion, on his phone, she decided to do a little housecleaning. Her former boyfriend’s belongings were tossed on the lawn on a stormy night. Luckily, she had a security company like Vivint home security in Reading, PA to keep him out and round up the authorities when he tried to break in to his former quarters.

Should Have Had That Freckle generic cymbalta Juice

A college freshman was on Cloud Nine when she started dating a guy at school. He had a face that was covered in freckles and told her early on that he was making an exception by dating her, even though she was sorely lacking freckles. Things were getting serious, including visits to each other’s families, until the day he declared he couldn’t take it anymore. Freckle Face simply couldn’t bear dating a girl without a single blemish on her skin!

Too Bad It’s High Tide

When a California couple experienced a nasty break-up, the man insisted he wanted anything that he’d purchased from the house. His ex loaded everything, appliances cymbalta included, into a truck with the help of her friend, and brought it to the beach where she tossed it in the ocean. He didn’t have to wonder where everything went for very long, because she quickly sent him the pictures she had snapped of her beach trip.


Ending a relationship is usually hard. If you are going through a break-up, it can feel like your world is crashing down around you. Tales of bizarre endings can at least help couples take heart. Things could always be worse!

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