How to Attract Women Tips

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It’s a New Year – what better time to get out there and find your Perfect Match – you might find these tips on how to attract women helpful…

Heterosexual men are continually on the lookout for ideas, ways and methods to attract women. Pretty much everything a man does at a party, in a bar and sometimes in his place of employment, is to attract the approval and/or interest of women.


The following are some how to attract women tips that,attract women ID-100164752 Image courtesy of iosphere at FreeDigitalPhotos.netatt if applied, can help any man improve his chances in the dating game.


Tip #1 – Looks: Let’s be honest here; looks are everything when it comes to first meetings. A girl isn’t going to give a guy with a huge wart on the end of his nose the time of day if she sees him at a party.


He may have a fantastic personality but that wart inhibits her so she’ll probably continue her search. Therefore, guys who have warts or some other deformity, consider having it – in the case of the wart – removed or covered.


Also, check yourself out in a mirror – does that haircut you have suit you? Are your eye-brows in need of a trim? Could you do with a little more tanning?


If the answer to these questions is yes, then do something about your looks. Granted there are some things you cannot change and perhaps that is a good thing (you don’t want to be too perfect).


But silly little things like hairstyles, fashion sense; personal grooming can and should be changed. Give it some thought.


Tip #2 – Humor: Women like men to be entertaining and the best kind of entertainment is humor. Making a woman laugh will most definitely attract her to you.


Now the type of humor you exhibit is important. Don’t be Coco the clown this, while funny, may make her think you’re seeking the spotlight, so to speak.


Wittiness is always a winner. If she has a sense of humor also, then play on that fact – allow her to make her own jokes. The main point here is to be funny without trying to steal the show.


After you get to know the girl well, you may well be able to slip into Coco the clown mode if that is your thing but initially keep it in check.


Tip #3 – Style: Do you have style? Look at what you are wearing; is it in vogue or something that was popular in 1982? I’m not suggesting you dress like Liberace or Elvis, I’m merely suggesting that your clothing be fashionable.


We all know women love fashion and if a girl that you fancy sees that you also like to dress in style, she’s going to be attracted to you.


Dressing for occasions or events is also important. Don’t arrive at a BBQ in a suit, for example. While you may look cool you’ll also look like a complete chump.


Tip #4 – Knowledge: Women are attracted to men who know a lot. Are you a knowledgeable guy? Are you able to have a conversation about recent News events and give opinions in an intelligent way?


If a woman can see that you know what you are talking about and that your ideas and opinions are logically and well thought out, she’ll be most impressed.


Listen to her opinions and do not insult her intelligence by making off-handed remarks like, “How did you come up with that idea?” Saying things like that is condescending and will only lead to her moving away from you.


If your knowledge is limited to sports teams and games, it is best you don’t bring this topic up unless she asks or is also a fan. Not many women are attracted to jocks in a first meeting, however, if you’re a professional and have money up the wazoo then by all means impress her with your wallet.


These how to attract women tips are just a few of, I’m sure, many. Want more tips? Click here and get more. Good luck.





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