What to do at Christmas time

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Should you stay or should you go – Christmas travelling that is…

bondi Beach. Australia, Christmas

If being with family and friends is NOT where you want to be at Christmas time then how about trying a trip to somewhere different to really get you out of your comfort zone. Try a trip to Russia in the depths of winter and see the breathtaking beauty a snowclad Russia will give you.

Or how about a snowy festive season in Egypt. Yes, that’s right it hasn’t snowed in the desert and the pyramids for more than 100 years and this year it did. You might be lucky to see the pyramids with snow. A very bizarre sight. If you’re out of luck with the snow, you could try a Nile Cruise or a walk along the Dahab beach.

Maybe a Safari tour in India or Africa presses your excitement button this Christmas. Or surfing at Bondi Beach in Sydney or Cottesloe beach in Perth, Australia and then cracking a few tinnies and slapping some snags on the barbie. And if you are not sure what a few tinnies are or snags, then it’s definitely time you popped ‘down under’ to come face to face with some real life Aussies for Christmas.

There are plenty of Christmas and New Year holiday options to choose from, it’s just sitting down, planning and deciding which option you prefer.

And just in case you doubted the snow story for the Pyramids:

snow_pyramids fake photo

Well… it appears the photo is a fake, a photoshop job – it DID snow this week in Egypt but not to this extent!

Merry Christmas Everyone


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2 Responses to “What to do at Christmas time”

  1. Julia says:

    It’s so exotic to spend cold Xmas time in warm countries, but it’s like a dream .. sun, white sand, blue sea and your the one:)

    • Dating Symbol says:

      I just love the sun, white sand, blue sea and enjoy every minute of Christmas in summertime. I’m happy viewing the lovely videos on Youtube of white snow and the fabulous Christmas light shows.

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