Broken Up, Not Broken

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Four Tips for Getting Over Your Ex

As anyone who’s been there knows, breaking up is hard to do, especially if you aren’t the one to end the relationship. Whether you saw the writing on the wall or were completely blindsided by the split, putting an ex in the past and moving on can be a challenge. Here are four tips for getting over your ex that can help you forget him or her and prepare to meet Mr. or Ms. Right.

Make a Clean Break
Don’t go back to claim forgotten toiletries or left-behind movies. sad guy flick photo credit 493679466_8e94c3558dDon’t call to check in. Sever all ties to your ex, including social media connections. Rid your living space of sentimental reminders of your relationship like framed photographs, personal gifts and souvenirs. Delete pictures from your phone and computer so you aren’t tempted to stare at them for hours on end, and delete old texts and email messages to save you the agony of scrutinizing them at length, wondering where it all went wrong. Avoid running into your ex in person as much as possible; no good will come from confronting or, maybe worse, awkwardly ignoring each other in public.

Throw Yourself into Something Else
Whether it’s focusing on your career or finally getting around to writing The Great American Novel, channeling your energy into something productive is a great way to forget the one who broke your heart and move forward. Embrace a new hobby or take a class at a local arts center; creative outlets can help you express pent-up feelings. Start a new workout regimen or sign up for dance or martial arts lessons. Exercise releases endorphins that help combat post-relationship blues and getting in shape means you’ll look and feel your best when the next opportunity for romance presents itself.

Reconnect with Friends
Admit it: When you’re coupled up, you neglect your friendships. Take advantage of this opportunity to spend time with the people who’ve been in your life for years, through the good and the bad. Organize a group outing, plan dinner at a restaurant or just invite one or two friends over for a low-key evening at home. Catch up on what’s been going on in your friends’ lives while you’ve been obsessed with your relationship drama. Let your friends offer some post-breakup support and advice, but don’t force them to listen to you moan about your ex for hours on end. Set a limit on breakup talk, and stick to it.

Spend Time Alone
Being newly single is a great opportunity to enjoy some much-needed quiet time alone, reflect on the past and get to know yourself again. Some people find solace in nature; try hiking or camping. Meditation and journaling are other ways to find inner peace in solitude. Go see movies your ex would never have agreed to see, prepare a favorite meal to which your ex was allergic or plan a spontaneous trip to a destination your ex always avoided to remind yourself how fun and liberating it is to be on your own again.

A breakup doesn’t have to break you. Give yourself some time to recover and employ these four tactics to get over your ex and embrace a future full of potential happiness and romance.


Dating Symbol’s guest author today is Derek who is currently blogging for DoctorDate, a dating site that helps connect professionals in the medical field. He enjoys blogging about relationships, dating and offers breakup advice.

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One Response to “Broken Up, Not Broken”

  1. Alex says:

    This is a nice article. And I want to put some psychological standpoint about recovery from a break up.

    The fastest way of recovery from a break up is to kill hopes. Burn all the photographs you have together with your ex. Delete the images of your ex from your computer and their number from your phone, too.

    This is a way to convince your subconscious mind that the relationship is over and there is no way to get back to that old relationship again.

    Thereafter, try to find an alternative for that relationship. I am not asking you to fall into a rebound relationship. Instead, improve yourself, get better understanding of your needs from a relationship, and get tremendous amount of hopes for future that you will get a better replacement.

    Soon you will recover from your break up. Remember, people regret waste milk of sink only if they are unable to buy a new bottle of milk. That’s how we think.

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