How To Attract the Right Girls – Smell Nice!

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Yes – good grooming does make a difference – just look at spunk George Clooney

Most men believe that having a good personality, dressing well and flirty will help to get them the girl. Unfortunately, what many guys do not realize is that the women they approach have already made assumptions about them based on their appearance. Men that have great grooming habits are more likely to attract women than men that do not. Here are some grooming tips that will increase the chances of getting the girl.

Keep the Nails Trimmed

Having nails that are too long or look chewed can creep many women out. attract girls free digital photos credit ID-10040411casey haslamKeep your nails at a descent length by trimming them once a week. Do not forget about the toenails. Men that wear flip-flops during the warmer months should also focus on the appearance of their nails. Women are not attracted to men that have claws for nails.

Smell Nice

Any form of body odor is a bad thing. It will send a woman running. Invest in a descent cologne or body spray. Keep in mind, while wearing these fragrances makes men smell attractive, going overboard will have the opposite effect. Apply a few dabs of cologne to the wrists and neck. The cologne does not need to be expensive, but it must smell appealing and correctly applied.

Do Not Have Unkept Facial Hair

To be honest, facial hair is one of those areas where some women will like it and others will not. They main point is goal is to have a neat and well-kept appearance. For men that prefer facial hair, keep it maintained. Remove straggly hairs and invest in a trimmer to keep the hair at an appropriate length and style. Men that choose to shave their facial hair should use the Art of Shaving after shave. This after shave keeps the skin hydrated and soothes skin irritation.

Perfect Smile

A lot of women are attracted to a warm smile. However, if the smile is ruined by yellow teeth, the smile will ruin the attractiveness of a man. In certain instances, a man with yellow teeth may not be inclined to smile and come across as stoic. Using a whitening toothpaste and floss will help to improve the appearance of the teeth. Men with a vibrant smile are viewed as more confident. Confidence is attractive to women.


Woman will judge a book by its cover. The best way for a man to increase his chances of seeming attractive is by looking as good as possible. These grooming tips will help a man get the girl of his dreams.

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One Response to “How To Attract the Right Girls – Smell Nice!”

  1. Anika says:

    So true! Especially about the nails. No woman wants to be touched by a man with gross and grimy mitts. Men-centric nail salons are popping up every day.

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