Dream Dates and Diaper Bags

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Dating… You must be joking…
dream dates flickr 88092208 N06 9770705356 Anika JafarraYour new bundle of joy has been the center of your world for the past few months, and the single-parent balancing act has left you in a whirlwind of iterative schedules and mounting to-do lists. With career demands and a snubbed social calendar playing tug-of-war with your psyche, it may seem close to impossible to carve out quality time for that special someone. Don’t leave them vying for your attention. Single-parenting a new baby doesn’t mean that the pleasures of dating or enjoying a loving relationship should be placed in a state of perpetual postponement. The euphoric feelings that are often associated with being part of a healthy and supportive love connection may be exactly what you need to maintain your cheery personality and stress-free disposition. It’s no secret that your baby’s happiness can be directly proportional to that of your own. Consider these tips and perspectives to help ensure a happy and healthy dating experience.

Why Ask Why?

Before dusting off your dating attire take some time to reflect on how you feel about dating in general. Be sure you’ve considered your personal preferences when it comes to dating practices and motives. Focusing entirely on WHO you’re dating is a common misstep. WHY you’re dating is an equally important factor. With or without children, dating solely to appease friends or family members that may be pressuring you with hints and good intentions may feel more like brain-drain than euphoria.

Be careful not to succumb to the imposition of societal pressures. It’s perfectly normal and acceptable if you’re not presently interested in dating. The option to re-enter the dating arena deserves your careful evaluation- it’s up to you and the wellbeing of your baby. If the thought of adding a new social element to your lifestyle garners a grin, dating may be worth your while.

Sitter Selections

Confidence and comfort with your sitter selections will help to ensure that you’re able to relax and enjoy good company. Leaving your baby in quality care can mean the difference between an awesome night on the town and an antsy, countdown-focused stint of periodically checking your smartphone. It’s important that you trust your instincts and be attentive to the morals and character of those that you’ve selected to care for your baby.

Many people have yet to discover that the Red Cross is a solid source for babysitter referrals. Enlisting the trust of the proud, new grandparents and other family members can be a great way to ensure that your baby forms strong bonds with relatives. Consider partnering with fellow parents to organize an alternating sitter schedule. Perhaps you’ve discovered that you share parenting practices with members of your Stroller Strides group or Gymboree class. Maybe your long-time friends are parents too. Cooperatively supporting other parents can present great opportunities to arrange fun-filled play dates for your baby and for yourself. Both of you will appreciate and enjoy the company of others as it positively contributes to social development and self-confidence.

Childproof Dates

Believe it or not some dates won’t require a sitter. Once your confidence and comfort has elevated to include greater trust, why not pencil in a trip to the city zoo or aquarium. Sharing your baby’s first experiences contributes to the formation of strong family connections. If your potential partner has young children too, Sesame Street Live, Chuck E. Cheese or the latest Disney movie can mean fun for everyone.

If less boisterous excitement and more quiet conversation appeals to you, an indoor picnic consisting of takeout and a movie rental can really simplify a date. Some of the latest playpens are more like portable nurseries, similar to those found at sites like http://www.toysrus.com/buy/babies-r-us-exclusives/play-yards/ingenuity-deluxe-washable-play-yard-with-dream-centre-shiloh-60072-12761407. Strategically placed, a portable nursery can make for quick and easy access to your baby with peaceful monitoring.

Conversations and Communication

Open and active lines of communication are the life-blood of every great relationship. Because casual dating has great potential to blossom into a healthy love connection, your effort to stimulate and participate in expressive conversation is important. Discussions centered on intentions, expectations and the future may become vital to the mental and emotional wellbeing of everyone involved.

When basking in the presence of your special someone becomes a consistent and eagerly awaited pastime, including friends and family can be a treasure. Sharing your dating experiences with those closest to you is sure to spawn new topics and perspectives that you otherwise hadn’t considered. Double dates, dinner parties and other social settings can present new scenes and fresh scenarios through which a budding couple might experience different facets of one another.

Single parenthood can be the result of any number or combination of life’s situations and circumstances.  Whether its bliss and blessings or complications and compromises that have landed on your doorstep, life’s pleasures are available to everyone. A clear visualization painted with your own definition of happiness will help highlight a fulfilling path toward healthy relationships and valuable connections. Responsible and dedicated parents would agree that the choices you make will deliver the rich experiences that will shape your future and your child’s life. The choice to remain open to the possibilities can lead to rewarding experiences. Postponed happiness is a first cousin to a dream deferred. Rest assured that your effort to cultivate a happy and healthy lifestyle will serve you and your baby for years to come.

Dating Symbol’s guest author today is Anika Jaffara, a freelance writer offering insight gathered from her experiences as part of a large, diverse and loving family. A trusted counsel, reliable confidante and engaged mother, she presents perspectives and suggestions for building family bonds, healthy relationships and valuable connections.


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  1. Anika says:

    Should single-parents wait until their baby has reached a certain age before starting to date?

    • Dating Symbol says:

      That’s an interesting question. I think it’s up to the individual who is the only one who can really judge if they – or their child, is ready, willing and able for them to be able to enjoy a great date.

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