Five Honest Tips for Men on First Dates

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You Took Her WHERE?



A first date can be the start of something awesome or it can be a total disaster. First dates can be filled with awkward silences, uncomfortable moments, and stress. But if you follow these five simple tips, there is a good chance that your next first date will be a great success.


Find Out What She Likes


To increase the chance of a great first date, do some research first.

Phone, text or email your date and find out what her idea of a great first date is. Would she be happiest having a picnic in the park, eating at a casual restaurant or dining at a fine restaurant? The only way to know the answer to this is to ask her. Ask if she has any dietary restrictions. You wouldn’t want to take a vegan to a steakhouse. Once you have decided where you are going to take your date, make the necessary preparations. If you are planning something outdoors, be sure to check the weather forecast. If you are going out to eat at a restaurant, make reservations so you don’t have to wait to be seated.


Be a GentlemanTips for Men on First Dates photo permission by Anica Oaks


Don’t be afraid to be polite. Open the car door for her. Pull out her chair at the restaurant. Be observant, don’t just assume she wants an appetizer; ask her before you order one. If the desserts look really good, but she says she’s already kind of full, offer to split a dessert with her.


Be Presentable


On a first date you should always try to look your best. Make sure you are dressed appropriately. Don’t show up in a three piece suit for a casual dinner, however. She will probably think she’s underdressed and the date will get off to a shaky start. Be well groomed, but don’t overdo it. Get a haircut if you need it, but don’t use too much product in your hair. Make sure you smell nice, but don’t overdo the aftershave or body spray. If you are typically clean shaven, make sure you shave before your date. If you have a beard or mustache, make sure it is well groomed. The Art of Shaving offers many wonderful products to help you with this.


Don’t Be a Cheapskate


While you don’t have to take your date to a super pricey restaurant, you don’t want her to think you’re a cheapskate. Don’t order the cheapest thing on the menu and never use a coupon on a first date.


Be Assertive


You want her to have a good time, so take charge and take the pressure off her. When you are done eating, ask the waitress for the check. She will know who to give the check to and there will be no confusion.


Going on a first date can be nerve wracking, but if you follow these simple tips, both of you should have a great time. Remember to be yourself and try to relax, and this will be a first date that she will really enjoy.

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