Six Simple Ways to Update your Look After Divorce

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Updating your look can help make you look and feel fresher, happier, and more desirable, and can even help you better cope with a divorce. To help you down that road, here are six easy ways to make yourself over:


1. Go in for a cut and color

Your hair impacts how you’re seen long before people see the rest of you. A clean, shiny, healthy mane in a flattering style conveys youth and vivacity, while dull, graying hair can make you look tired. Dramatically changing your look can be as easy as a haircut and some coloring.


2. Update your smileGetting Back Out There photo credit Kandace Heller

Your smile also effects your self-esteem and how you’re viewed by others. If you have some cosmetic dentistry that you’ve been considering and putting off, now’s the time to make an appointment with your favorite dentist. Decide whether you could benefit from whitening treatments, veneers, or other dentistry to update your look. Being confident in your smile will help you with your overall confidence and attractiveness.


3. Change your grooming habits

Even if you’re not the type to wear cosmetics, now might be the time to consider trying them out. There are very light-wearing, easy-to-apply types of makeup in a host of natural looking colors– you’ll still look like you, only with a subtle sparkle. If you do wear makeup, now might be the time to consider a makeover. Men can try altering their shaving habits, and trying out new styles of facial hair.


4. Switch out your scent

It might not be a “look”, but scent is a powerful thing. It is strongly linked to memory, and can even affect how others perceive you– one study found that men routinely guessed that women wearing a grapefruit-based scent were up to a decade younger than they actually were.


5. Change your eyewear

If you wear prescription glasses, now might be a good time to consider contacts or laser surgery. If you don’t need glasses, there are still plenty of fashionable frames available for accessorizing. Try out different options to find what compliments your personal style the best.


6. Update your style.

Are you a t-shirt and jeans wearer, or a fastidiously fashionable dresser? Whatever your style, consider seeing how the other half lives. If you primarily wear t-shirts and jeans, treat yourself to a new dress or suit. If you always dress to the nines, expand your casual wardrobe.


Updating your look doesn’t have to mean changing yourself or getting costly plastic surgery. Something as simple as a haircut or teeth whitening treatment can help put you back on track after a divorce, while helping you look and feel your absolute best.

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