5 Ways To Make A Fashionable Hair Style By Yourself

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Hair Styles and how to make your own impact

If you are single and want to boost up your look with a fashionable hair style for your night out, then this is the article you should be reading. Instead of going to a salon to get your hair done or hiring a professional hairstylist for the job, you can try out some easy hairstyles all by yourself. Here are 5 Ways To Make A Fashionable Hair Style By Yourself.

Classic Bun

The classic bun is one of the most popular hair styles for ladies fashionable hair photo credit Julian Hooks 5815798141253120037nowadays. It is simple to do and only requires around one to two hair ties, depending on how you feel like doing it. It looks good pretty much on anybody and it will not take you too long to do. All you have to do is get one or two hair ties and a brush. Put your hair back in a ponytail and if you want you can tie it back into a ponytail first. But if you can continue on just twist your hair into a bun and put the hair tie once all your hair is tucked into the bun.

Hair Accessories

If you want a cute hair style for a simple lunch or dinner with some friends or going out on a date, then try out hair accessories. You can purchase whatever type of accessory that you want to put in your hair. If you want to keep your hair down, you can get a bobby pin and pin in the hair accessory wherever you would like. It will add a unique and fashionable touch to your hair and it is very simple to do.

Sock Buns

The sock bun is getting a lot of popularity in the fashion industry because it is unique and quite simple to do. Whether you choose to use a sock for your sock bun or an actual bun holder or “donut”, they both basically look the same and look great. Like the classic bun, pull your hair back in a ponytail. For the bun holder or “donut”, place your hair in the middle of the “donut” towards the end of your hair, around 3 inches away from the actual end. Start tucking in your hair around the “donut” towards your scalp. Once all the hair is tucked in, put a hair tie around the “donut” and place bobby pins where it is needed.


This hair style is easy and different and stylish from other hair styles. You can use a hair chopstick or even a pencil. All you have to do is wrap your hair around the object you want to stick into your hair until all the hair is up.

Classic Braid

The classic braid is always a great was to do your hair because it is also easy to do and could add a fashionable touch to you outfit and look. You can do a braid that is at the back of your head or a side braid to make it look even trendier.

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  1. Pearl & Clasp says:

    Love these ideas! I think a messy bun also looks really cute for a casual occasion — makes you look carefree and it’s definitely a sexy look!

  2. Chaleigh Glass says:

    I looooooooooovvveeee the classic bun! I’ll wearing my hair that way on my Valentines date :)

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