Beauty Tips – How to Avoid Lipstick Catastrophes

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Have you experienced a lipstick disaster? Don’t be afraid of this bold, essential part of your makeup drawer. It can be your closest ally for evenings out, weddings, or for gorgeous, retro looks.

With the right preparation and mind-set, you can avoid all lipstick catastrophes in the future. How? Just follow our tips.

Letting The Right One In

Not all lipsticks are universally flattering. Go a shade (or two) above or below your natural lip colour for a soft, complementary pout. If you’ve dyed your hair, this will complicate the lipstick choosing process, so try out a number of shades and colours. The right products should suddenly make you appear more alive and beautiful – that’s a good litmus test for a winning lipstick.

When choosing the ‘little black dress’ of lipsticks, red, be sure to match your skin tone. How can you tell what your skin tone is? Take a look at this article by Lovelyish for guidance.

Warm tones work best with orange-based lippies, while cool tones react welllipstick flickr 2181992045_e32acda777 to blue-based rouges. If you have dark skin, opt for deep, deep reds.

Line Your Lips

For every lipstick you own, there should be a corresponding liner. Liners make your pouters appear fuller and allow you to slightly adjust the natural shape of your mouth. It also helps prevent the lippie from bleeding, so really, you should be sharpening your pencils before you apply your lipstick.

Some cautionary advice: don’t apply liner outside your mouth and also don’t choose a darker shade of pencil than the lipstick colour. Remember to blend your liner, so the edge doesn’t appear too harsh. For a matte look, you can fill in your lips with pencil liner first.

Stay In Control

Applying lippie straight from the tube is a bad idea. Create an even finish by using a lipstick brush. Blot slightly, to avoid chin or teeth smudges.

Know Your Reds

When applying bold lipstick, like reds, avoid all heavy make-up – the rest of your face should look as natural as possible. More natural lips can handle heavy eye cosmetics, but red lipsticks will look trashy. We would recommend going no heavier than the winged eyeliner style.

Take Care of Your Lips

If your lips are chapped, forget the lipstick – focus instead on bringing your pouters back to health. Carry lip balms around with you at all times, and if you feel your mouth getting dry, apply a generous coat of Vaseline or Burt’s Bees (especially in the winter).

Moisturise every day and only use lipstick if your lips are in good condition. Slough off any dead skin with the bristles of a toothbrush, as lippie will highlight any blemishes or faults.

Mirror, Mirror

It may look vain, but a compact mirror is your friend. Quickly checking that your lipstick is in place a few times a day can stop you from walking around looking like a clown. Also, if your lip starts to fade, you can quickly top up between wedding speeches.

If you are still not satisfied, pop into your local salon where they can rectify this, or use a nearby salon supplier, helping provide you with a nice collection of suitable remedies to your lip problem.

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