Chocolates or Oysters as an Aphrodisiac

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Looking for something to help spice up your love life? Aphrodisiacs spring to mind – but you hate oysters right? Help is at hand – read on…640px-Pacific_oysters, photo wikipedia

When we hear the word aphrodisiac, most of us would instantly think about slimy and horrible looking oysters. Fortunately, there are other aphrodisiac choices such as chocolate.

The earliest time that chocolate has been known as an aphrodisiac is when the Spanish discovered the Aztecs use cocoa beans to heighten their sensuality and as a way to increase their pleasures when it came to love making. If eating chocolate produces the same result as eating oysters then you can forget about having to eat something you’re not that keen on! You can pig out on chocolate as it not only delivers the same result but it is one of those ‘foods’ most of us just love to devour.

Chocolate really can deliver something magical in your love life; so you might just want to

know what that special ingredient is that makes it work so well as an aphrodisiac.

Apart from being a super popular food anyway, chocolate is known to rejuvenate and stimulate because of the caffeine and Theo-bromine content. Chocolate made from high quality ingredients may deliver more favorable results compared to cheaper chocolate that contains mostly fat and sugar which can be detrimental to one’s health; Scientists believes that eating chocolate results in an endorphin rush. This means you can have a quick stimulation of energy and heightened senses when you eat chocolate. So, the moral of the story is it might be a wise move to buy Chocolate02 aphrodisiac, wikipediathe more expensive chocolate if you want better results!

In addition, scientists have also discovered that our body normally reacts to the food that we eat by raising the serotonin level in our body and this helps lessen stress and anxiety. As a result, you can experience more enjoyable love making and your stress levels are greatly reduced. This can also be helpful for men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction or impotence or for first time lovers.

As we all know, stress is one of the biggest factor and causes of erectile dysfunction in men. Impotence among men means that they are having a hard time to get an erection or those who cannot maintain firm erections to have full sexual intercourse.

Whether eating chocolate delivers positive outcomes on sexual life or stimulates and rejuvenates, or whether it is only a psychological effect, it is for you to find out if it works for you or not – and what a way to go!

Whether you are curious and want to have a better sex life or you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, eating chocolate is one of the first ‘remedies’ that you should try.

And I know you will hate every minute of it!

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2 Responses to “Chocolates or Oysters as an Aphrodisiac”

  1. Teresa says:

    So why are oysters considered an aphrodisiac?

    • Dating Symbol says:

      And this snippet from Yahoo answers might be the reason: Like many foods of the sea, the oyster’s slightly salty/sweet scent, a smell not dissimilar to the most potent female pheromone, TMA, has proven to be mildly stirring. Although the serving of nutrients in a single oyster is negligible, oysters are loaded with zinc, a key nutrient for testosterone production, (important for stimulating libido in both men and women). Foods high in both protein and zinc, like oysters, have been credited with keeping men virile well into old age, although the quantity of required oysters may be overwhelming. (Even in his sexual prime, Casanova supposedly consumed 50 oysters each day to keep his libido in top form)

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