8 Workout Ideas to Make Fitness Fun & Interesting

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Gym workouts and I don’t get along. But, I do enjoy getting fit and if I can make fitness fun and interesting that’s what I want to know about – and I think you might like it too…

Exercise is one of the best ways to stay fit, tone up and boost up your positive mood. But even with all the positive benefits that it could bring, why are many people afraid of working out? Before even putting on your exercise gear, many already come up with excuses to get out of a workout –“I’m too busy so I’ll work out another time” or “Working out is too boring for me.” If you want to start exercising right, you need to stop making those excuses because they will not lead you anywhere. Whether it is cardio, stretches or weights, there is no reason to not fit in at least 20 minutes of body-conditioning exercises daily. Who knows, if you are single, staying fit might even help you find yourself a new guy or girl because of your increased confidence and improved physical and emotional appearance.

If you are currently bored and unhappy with your current, or non-existent workout routine, here are 8 workout routine ideas that could make your exercising fun and interesting.


1.       Dance your way to fitness
If you are a dancer at heart and love going out at night and dancing the night away, exercise - photo credit julian hooks 61db4adbf8ce6189_music.xxxlarge_1then why not use dance as your workout? You can actually burn serious calories while you are out on the dance floor. If you do want to dance for fitness, make sure you skip the cocktails and beers so that you can burn calories while dancing and rocking the club. You can even enroll yourself in a Zumba class or some sort of dance class at your gym. Or try buying some dance videos so that you can do it at home.
2.       Make it a competition
People always love being in a competition because their adrenaline always kicks in which pushes them to work hard. There is nothing like a healthy dose of competition to boost up your fitness goals. Find a friend that has similar gym habits as you and create a list of goals for your workouts. If you both hit the targets at a specific time, then reward yourselves with a little something for more motivation.
3.       Dress to feel confident
If you are used to dressing up in old baggy shirts and pants, then maybe it is time to go on a shopping quest for exercise clothes. Boost your inner and outer confidence by wearing figure-flattering and fashionable workout gear so that you feel and look great during your workout routines.
4.       Let music motivate you
If you are bored working out because you hear nothing but people groaning and moaning at your gym, try bring your iPod and turn up your jams. Make a playlist of your workout music to help you get motivated. Music is an essential factor to a good workout because it does pump a person up. Choose music with good rhythms that could boost up your energy and confidence.

5.       Think happy and be happy
Research has proven that thinking positive thoughts could greatly affect a person’s mood. With that, before hitting the gym, think happy thoughts. Motivate yourself by thinking “A workout of one hour could help me burn some much needed calories which could definitely help me get in shape and tone up.” Think happy thoughts when you are at the gym too because it will surely help you out. Another thing is to remember to SMILE BIG!
6.       Stick to a strict schedule
It may be hard at first, but try putting in an alarm for your workout so that you are reminded to actually do it. Eventually if you stick to the routine, it will feel like it is part of your daily lifestyle and will eventually become a habit.


7.       Stick with a program
If you are enrolled in a gym, try asking a personal trainer for help in a program to work with. Try to change it up every time you hit the gym so that you do not feel like it is a drag to go to the gym. Make sure you look forward to it. If the gym isn’t really your scene, try a home workout program.
8.       Blog about it!
Join fitness forums online or start your own blog so that you can write about your transformation and thoughts during your workout sessions. This could be a way to motivate yourself and also inspire other people.




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