The Best Fall Look for Your Astrological Sign

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Fashion by your  Star Sign



Your astrological sign can say a lot about your personality. But have you ever considered it may have something to say about your fashion sense? The truth is, we all have our own style, and one of the factors that determines it is the zodiac. What’s your sign? Read below and find out what suits you best. Visit us here to start your style off with a pair of shades that match your personal style and zodiac!

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1. Aries: This sign is a fan of the color red, so we recommend investing in pieces of this color for fall. A brightly colored coat will go a long way in the gray cityscape, especially since you don’t mind standing out in a crowd. You could also opt for small red accessories, such as jewelry or a bag.


2. Taurus: Comfort is your middle name, so pick something suitable for the cold season: wedge sneakers! Pick neutral colors, we know you like them best!


3. Gemini: The dual sign is unpredictable in fashion. You love color as much as a monochrome look, and your closet is filled with outfits for any occasion. Don’t be afraid to mix it up this fall, and invest in the latest trends.


4. Cancer: Characterized by femininity, Cancer women love vintage inspiration! Since most designers love to get a glimpse of the past, you can wear your favorite decade’s style, with a contemporary update.


5. Leo: Luxury is a must in the wardrobe of a Leo, as is opulence. Go for interesting headpieces this fall, as well as embellishments, fur and metallics.


6. Virgo: Known as the most “put together” sign of the zodiac, the Libra is spotless and perfectly tailored. Get inspiration from menswear to get your best look so far!


7. Libra: These fashion-forward gals are romantics at heart, so opting for lace, floral prints and flowy fabrics can’t go wrong this fall!


8. Scorpio: Don’t you just love a sexy outfit? We know you do. Pick an animal print coat and matching shoes this fall, and pair them with all black or red.


9. Sagittarius: This sign is known for being sporty, but not lacking on the chic! You’re in luck, because sporty caps, varsity jackets, sweatpants and sneakers are all the rage right now.


10. Capricorn: Promoters of serious style, Capricorns are traditional in fashion. That’s why you should check out the French fashion people: their style is timeless and spotless.


11. Aquarius: Trendsetters, Aquarius women know what’s cool before everyone else does. Go eclectic this fall, by mixing prints, textures and styles, kind of like Harajuku folks do.


12. Pisces: Your favorite accessory are by far shoes, and your closet shows it. This fall, velvet is very much in, as are embellishments of all sorts. All you have to do is find the right pair!


This guest post was written for by Daria P. who loves writing about fashion and personal style.


Images courtesy of Streetstyle.Stilge; Streetstylesecond; Refinery29; Calivintage; thesilverstreets; myfriendfranky; thestyleograph; marieclaire; focusonstyle; streetpeepers; fashionbreed; glamour

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