Road Trip Your Way To Romance

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Planning a romantic road trip could be just the thing for spicing up your relationship once more. Take a look here…

Relationships are never easy to maintain. One fight or one disagreement could cause a successful relationship of many years to come crashing down. The good news is that you always have an opportunity to rekindle a lost love or find that loving feeling that has been missing in your current relationship. What are some ideas that you can use when planning a romantic road trip?

Go Somewhere Meaningful

If you want to make your road trip count, you should take your prospective romantic partner somewhere memorable. Those who are trying to revive a former romance should go to the restaurant where your first date took place. Men can take this a step further by buying her the outfit that she wore on that date. When done correctly, it shows that you remember that night like it was yesterday.

Take The Trip In A Car That He Loves

It is no secret that guys love cars. A surefire way to get him to start to DonkervoortD8GT270 photo credit  wikipedia - Sally Smithhave feelings for you is to take him on a trip in his favorite car. You can hire a car for the duration of your trip at an affordable price if you are trying to impress him on a budget. If you are trying to go all out, you can hire a car that is as close to a replica of his favorite car as possible.

Get Rid Of The Distractions

Our lives are filled with phone calls, email alerts and text messages. To create a romantic evening, it has to be all about the two people who are trying to become romantically involved.

This means that both parties need to leave their cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices behind. It may be a good idea to find a place that doesn’t have good cell reception to ensure that these devices will not have a major impact on your trip.

Although it may seem like a burden to miss calls and social media status updates, it gives the two of you a chance to connect on a personal level. That is the only way to create the spark needed for romance.

Don’t Forget To Make Yourself Comfortable

It can be a little scary to go on vacation with someone for the first time or someone with whom you have had a rocky past. To make sure that things go well, it is a good idea to plan a massage or an afternoon at the spa to get each person comfortable with what is going on. When you are relaxed, you are much more receptive to the idea of romance regardless of what may have happened in the past.

There is nothing better than finding another person to connect with on a romantic level. While no relationship goes smoothly at all times, a strong relationship can overcome those road bumps. Sometimes, all you need is a romantic getaway that involves nothing more than a relaxing atmosphere, no cell phones and the ability to reconnect with someone who you thought was lost forever.


For more road trip ideas, head to Skedaddle Car Hire’s blog. They have an assortment of articles on their blog that should keep your trips fresh and fun.

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  1. Iveta says:

    In the end all this is true. However people sometimes forget that it is not about the luxuries, the money or the places you go but the fact that you are together. It is not the place that makes the experience unforgettable but the person you are with…

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