7 Tips on How to Shop for Designer and Trendy Bras and Panties

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Pay Attention Here! – Sexy bras and panties can be earth shattering for both parties – for one party because they may you look even more stunning, the other party because they are itchy, uncomfortable and you can”t wait to get them off – and not because of what you”re thinking! Take a peek at these 7 tips on shopping for the “unmentionables”…


Shopping for underwear is probably one shopping tasks that is placed on the last portion of the priority list. A lot of people are not aware that buying underwear is very important. Not only is it essential for our own comfort but it could also be a factor when it comes to feeling confident when going out for a job interview or even going out on a first date.


Many people still think that since it is just underwear that will rarely be seen in public, then there is no need to choose a flattering, comfortable, and good quality underwear.  This article will prove them wrong and will show the importance and some tips on how to shop for a designer and trendy bras and panties.

1. Do not be confused over fashion and comfort

Underwear is the part of the outfit that sticks against your skin for the longest time of each day.  Therefore, it should be nothing but comfortable.  Always remember that you should never wear something that can be a source of pain, regardless if it does perfectly match your sexy and fashionable outfit!

2. Be honest about your size

Truly – No one will care or will actually know what size you are trendy undies, Dating Symbol blogwearing so there is no need to fake it and choose a bra or panty that is one size smaller.  Do not be ashamed to ask for a retail assistant’s help, they know what fits best on you.

3. Quality fabrics matters the most

Again, fabric can cause a great discomfort especially if it is scratchy, sweat-inducing, doesn”t breathe, and feels awful.  If you are going to wear lacy sexy underwear, make sure the lace doesn”t cause an itching problem.  Could be embarrassing… It also helps a lot on choosing a fabric that is not too thick nor too thin.

4. Choose a style or cut that works for you

Bras and panties come in a variety of different shapes and cuts depending on one’s personal taste and comfort preferences.  Think first about the activities that you are mostly doing and choose a cut that will make you comfortable while doing those activities. Another extra feature for choosing a nice and sensual style is if you’re single it could boost up your confidence even if it is under your clothes. The fact that you’re wearing pieces of clothing that are designed for your body could make you feel sexy even if they are not on show to others. Who knows, it could even be a way to attract Mr. Right for you when you go out dancing and partying with your girlfriends.

5.         Go and check the elastic bands

Too tight elastic bands will constrict your blood circulation and cause skin irritation.  If your panty or bra leaves a mark on your body after taking them off, then that would be the perfect time for you to go shopping for new undies once more. …Or go on a diet?

6.         Remove the tags after purchasing the underwear

Tags can cause scratching and rubbing problems if you”re sensitive to them.  As we all know, it is very irritating to feel like having something sharp and rough sticking against our skin.  Store the removed tags somewhere just in case you need to check the brand, style, and size that works best on your body for your next purchase.

7. Take good care of your underwear – seriously!

As you most likely already invested in designer and trendy bras and panties, you will surely like to give them as long a life as possible in your wardrobe cabinet or drawer.  It”s a good idea to hand wash and/or use a lingerie washing bag for those . And with storage, try to store them separately to help preserve their shape.

Dating Symbol”s guest author today is
Janice Russell, a Marketing Executive at Isaac Sultan & Sons. Isaac Sultan & Sons is the great place to shop for bras and panties of various brands. They offer 20% off list price on almost entire inventory of bras and panties.







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