Five Tips For Making The Perfect Impression On a Blind Date

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Five Tips For Making The Perfect Impression On a Blind Date, Photo credit Madyson GrantDating should be fun – right? How about blind dates…


Blind dates are fun and a little stressful for some people. It is important to make a good impression from the very start. The clothes worn during the date will help to formulate part of the first impression. There are five tips that will help anyone to choose the right clothes to make the perfect impression on a blind date.


5. Make Sure Everything Is Clean


All of the clothes for a blind date should be washed and cleaned beforehand. This includes pressing or ironing items that need the attention. Even a blind date who is into a casual and loose style will notice if clothes have stains or tears. This tends to send the wrong impression. It could make the date think the person is messy or disorganized.


4. Dress Modestly


A first impression is difficult to overcome even over time. Dressing modestly will not leave a first impression on a blind date that sends the wrong message. People who dress immodestly for a blind date could leave an impression of recklessness or frivolity that causes trust issues. This could ruin an otherwise good blind date. Dressing immodestly could also cause issues in public places like a restaurant.


3. Purchase New Clothes That Fit


There are situations when preparing for a blind date where a person realizes that the clothes in the closet no longer fit properly. Clothes that do not fit correctly will send a bad impression. It is best to go out and replace the clothes that do not fit with a new outfit that does. Clothes that fit well are more flattering.


2. Incorporate Common Interests


It is helpful to incorporate common interests when choosing clothes for a blind date. Wearing a cool new brand that reflects common musical tastes or interests will immediately create an impression of closeness. Shirts with graphical prints that show identifiable logos or that make clear statements are a good way to show common interests. Alternately, it is best to avoid wearing clothes that express controversial messages the blind date might not fully appreciate.


1. Dress for the Occasion


Not all blind dates are the same. The clothes worn should match what will occur during the date. Dressing very formally for a date that will involve some physical activities like boating or hiking will create an awkward impression. It could even ruin the entire date. The clothes must match the occasion.


Choosing clothes for a blind date should happen over the course of a few days. It is helpful to get feedback from friends. Any clothes or outfits that seem off in some way should be rejected. Using common sense will often help while assembling an outfit to make a perfect impression on a blind date.

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