Looking for ways to spice up your love life?

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Life a bit ho hum in the bedroom stakes? Want a bit of oomph in your love life?

For couples who have been in a relationship for a long period of time, it can be easy for the intimate side of things to become a little stale! Having sex with the same partner can lose its spark for those who love the allure of the new and diverse. However, do not fear that monogamy will lead your partner to stray – it is perfectly possible to ignite fresh passions and bring new interest into your love life by doing things a little differently…

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Erotic fiction

For women in particular, the primary erogenous zone isn't any part of the body, but actually the brain. Women are scientifically proven to respond to a range of stimulations – particularly mental, verbal and aural, whereas men are primarily visual creatures – hence their love of pornographic magazines and films.

Many women find that erotic literature really works for them, stimulating their imaginations and creating strongly erotic sensations that will translate well into the bedroom! The storylines provide fresh inspiration and a great buzz in preparation for time with a partner. For an added thrill, why not read erotic storylines out to each other – or even write your own for an insight into your own desires!

Adult toys

The adult toys market is vast and hugely diverse. It caters for all interests, preferences and whims and there is certainly a range of sex toys to suit everyone. The great news too is that you don't need to walk into a seedy looking shop and feel intimidated by the range of goods on offer – you can simply go online to find a wide selection of goods, listed under different categories and reviewed by other customers. The modern shopping experience for adult toys is friendly, fun, bright and very professional. Look for features such as secure payment facilities, private accounts, excellent customer services, comprehensive reviews and user guides, user and customer feedback and a welcoming, inclusive environment that strongly caters for female buyers.

If you are new to adult toys and not sure where to start, why not invest in a good vibrator for solo pleasure and some good quality water-based lube for time with your partner. The former toy is ideal for exploring your own erogenous zones and finding out what turns you on and can also be used when making love, either by yourself, or controlled by your partner. For lubrication, this simple tool can make all the difference to pleasurable lovemaking, particularly for older couples. Choose a water based variety if you are using condoms, as oils can disintegrate the latex.

You might also want to experiment with other fun toys such as cheeky outfits, adult games, restraints and cuffs, light bondage gear and other items that take your fancy. Don't be afraid to have fun trying something new – humor is as vital to a good sex life as the passion itself!

If you want to buy adult toys in a secure and private environment, then head to Simply Pleasure for a full range of perfect accessories.

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