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How To Use Your Phone To Improve Your Dating Life

Jul 31, 2013 1 Comment by

Phones keep us connected just about every minute of the day. So, why not make the most of your phone to improve your dating life – here’s how

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Online Dating: Risky for Some, Rewarding for Others

Jul 28, 2013 1 Comment by

Online dating is the norm. But, is it safe or how can you make it as safe as possible. Find out here…

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Why Kerala is perfect for a romantic Honeymoon?

Jul 25, 2013 1 Comment by

Who’s heard of Kerala? Ever thought about it for your romantic honeymoon? Well you should. It has all the hallmarks of a perfect honeymoon spot.

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How To Handle On-Again, Off-Again Romance Like Taylor Swift

Jul 22, 2013 No Comments

How to handle on-again, off-again relationships like Taylor Swift – when you can do this, there are no more problems!

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Five Tips For Making The Perfect Impression On a Blind Date

Jul 20, 2013 No Comments

Dressing to impress is one thing. Dressing for a blind date – well that’s just nerve racking into the bargain! Get some tips on how to make the perfect impression on a blind date.

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3 Tips for Catching the Eye of Everyone

Jul 18, 2013 1 Comment

It’s our dream to catch the eye of the one we are hoping to date. You can enhance your chances by dressing stylishly and to help the outcome of grabbing someones’ attention.

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4 Questions To Ask Your Fiance Before You Get Married

Jul 16, 2013 1 Comment

Before you get married there are a few questions you will think about asking your fiance, and there are 4 you should DEFINITELY ask your fiance…

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Looking for ways to spice up your love life?

Jul 14, 2013 Comments Off

You can always have more fun in your love life and these few tips on how to spice up your love life may just do the trick to reignite those passions…

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Online Connection? Think Twice Before You Meet Face to Face

Jul 08, 2013 3 Comments

Making online connections is the way for dating this century. But when do you meet face to face? What are the options?

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Getting Through the First Year of Marriage

Jul 06, 2013 Comments Off

Everything’s perfect till you get married – or that’s the perception. The first year of marriage can often be the hardest – lots of adjusting…

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4 Ideas On How to Help a Friend Who's in a Bad Relationship

Jul 04, 2013 Comments Off

Just being there for a friend going through a bad relationship can be enough to help them through it. Here are a few tips on how to help your friend.

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Saving Your Marriage: 5 Ways to Know if it’s Worth It

Jul 02, 2013 1 Comment

It takes two to make a marriage last. Saving your marriage is a noble thing to aim for but firstly you should really know deep down – is it worth it?

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