Let Your Lips Do the Talking

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I don't know about you but I'm still searching for that perfect lipstick. Well maybe I've just found my perfect lipstick. Read on…

Maybe it’s corny, but there really is nothing like a first kiss. However, for some reason it is so hard to sneak one in during or after a perfect date. One easy solution is to come prepared with the perfect lipstick or lip gloss on. Having said that, there are many different colors, brands and types of lipstick or lip gloss, but it all boils down to what you feel your best in. You could feel your best in a color that matches your mood, outfit or even the weather, and that is what is important. Just feel your best in what you wear and you will look your best.

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Many women do not realize the remarkable effect that lipstick or lip gloss can have on making an impression. And that is why you are reading this article. Here are some tips to landing that perfect kiss on your next date:


  1. Before any application, do your research.  Researching can be online or in the store. In-store is a more hands on experience. There are plenty of options to choose from and you can make sure that they look great with your complexion. However, there are benefits to shopping online too. For example, if you’re gluten sensitive then places like Red Apple Lipstick might be a better option for you, because they specialize in gluten-free and allergen-free products. Also, researching online is valuable before you test out different options in the store. With the abundance of product reviews and blogger opinions, this is a great first step to start your purchase journey.
  2. Once you’ve picked the perfect lipstick or lip gloss, do a teeth check. Dentists will say that the best dating advice they can give is going out there with a good smile. Clean sparkling teeth are essential if you are drawing attention to your mouth with that perfect shade of lip color.
  3. Get ready, get set, apply. Make sure that you don’t get too crazy with the makeup, wipe off and start over if you need to. After all you’re trying to show your pout off, not cover it up. Be sure to pack the lipstick or lip gloss you applied for reapplication if you’re going to eat, and mints are probably a good idea too!lipstick Berry, Dating Symbol blog
  4. You already look and feel fabulous so keep it that way. Make sure to check your lipstick or lip gloss a few times, but ultimately make sure that you feel comfortable in it. If you are thinking too much about it, then just leave it alone and relax. Great lips are not worth running your date over, but they can draw a lot of wanted attention.
  5. Pucker Up. Now your lipstick or lip gloss has done all it can do. And when that perfect lipstick or lip gloss comes along, and the man to go with it, you’ll know it. Then let your lips do the rest.

These easy steps to making you lips look glamorous on your next date will ensure that you get that much-deserved kiss. And you might even find a keeper, or favorite lip color that is.

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