Looking Good – Mineral Makeup and its benefits

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Mineral Makeup is certainly very popular and  why not, it's perfect for looking good and when you're wanting to meet your match, what a way to go! 

Many women prefer to not apply any makeup on their skin. Most makeup products mineral makeup. Dating Symbol blog, PHoto credit Omkarthese days contain harmful products that can cause your skin some harm. Yet there are a lot many people who prefer makeup to keep their skin glowing. It is a good idea to experiment with new kinds of makeup every time you are gearing up for a party. The latest trend that people are following is the use of the mineral makeup. This is not a new concept although it has become more popular in recent times. Mineral makeup is nothing but the powered form of natural minerals such as mica and iron oxides, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. It is free from organic dyes, preservatives and fragrance. The mineral makeup serves as a natural makeup which is considered healthier for your skin. This makeup is far better than the conventional makeup and will give you flawless complexion. Since, the mineral makeup doesn’t contain any kind of harmful and synthetic ingredients, you can use it to get that natural glowing skin. Here, we are presenting some of the major advantages mineral makeup can provide.
The most common advantage of mineral makeup is that it gives protection from sun’s harmful UV rays, wind as well as free radicals. You can use this makeup on top of your SPF 30 mineral sunscreen for getting the best protection from the harmful UV rays. The mineral makeup doesn’t cause skin breakouts or acne like most other skin products. Its anti-allergic and chemically free properties make it a must-have for every woman. It has anti-inflammatory properties that give calming and soothing effect to the skin. It has anti-ageing property and is also water-resistant. It is extremely light ensuring that you get flawless and long-lasting exposure. Mineral makeup not only protects skin but also covers up damaged skin and acne, in some way act as an acne treatment solution. This natural makeup will reduce redness and puffiness of your skin and give you amazing skin tone. It doesn’t get contaminated and even doesn’t get smeared or creased after its application.

Tips for applying Mineral Makeup
The mineral makeup provides various kinds of benefits when it is compared with the traditional liquid foundation or powder. As it doesn’t contain any chemicals, it can be used on all skin types including sensitive skin. Read on to find about the correct way to apply mineral makeup on your skin.
1.       When you apply mineral makeup, make sure that your face is not very dry. It will not give good results if the skin is too dry or oily. The best way to find the perfect balance would be to apply moisturiser or lotion on your skin prior to applying the mineral makeup.
2.       You need to ensure that you apply adequate amount of foundation on your face. You can put a small amount of the excess foundation back in the jar and apply it on your face. If you feel that the foundation is not enough then you could add another layer on top of it.
3.       After applying the mineral powder, you need to apply the eye liner. When you are done with it, you need to use the kabuki brush to remove excess powder from your face.
4.       If you feel the need you can also apply enhancers on specific areas especially under your eyes. You can use your fingertips for applying some amount of the foundation to cover your blemishes. This will ensure that your skin looks flawless and radiant.
5.       Whenever you apply the mineral makeup, you can use the kabuki brush which will help you in covering larger areas of your face. You just need to ensure that you tap the brush to remove extra powder so that excessive powder doesn’t get applied on your face.
6.       The best way to apply mineral powder or foundation on your face is to rub the brush in a circular motion on your skin. You need to lightly dust the powder on your cheeks and move towards the side of your face.
7.       Once you have applied the mineral makeup, you need to ensure that you apply a small amount of the setting powder. It has to be applied in the similar fashion as you applied the mineral powder. It is necessary to apply the setting powder as otherwise your makeup can wear off after sometime.
Mineral makeup is a great option for people who like to stick to natural products. Apart from providing loads of benefits, it will give you flawless and glowing skin.

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