What to wear on a date to a music festival

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Nobody stresses about what to wear when you're going to a music festival – except when you're going on a date…

Festivals are the very essence of summertime. If you’ve been asked on a date to a festival, the stress about what you’re going to wear is compounded by the extra stress of knowing that whatever it is, you won’t be able to wash it, iron it or hang it anywhere, if you’re camping. Day visitors do at least have the luxury of a mirror, shower and electricity!

Even if you’re not camping, you’ll have to keep an eye music festival, Dating Symbol blog,  flickr credit auntymeredith 5249671685on the weather predictions so that you can plan for any eventuality. Festivals are a bit like barbecues:  they seem to invoke the wrath of the weather gods and bring down rain likely to turn any dry dusty field into a potential mud-bath in minutes. At the same time, a TOO hot festival date can be a recipe for sunburn and sweaty armpits, which don’t make for an alluring image however you look at it. Decide a few days in advance; funky wellies or cute sandals.

Then there’s the issue of the type of festival you’re going to. A festival like Lollapalooza or is going to be completely different to a country or blues festival, or a Newport Folk Festival.

For an all-purpose, something-for-everyone festival like Coachella, you know it’s going to be in summer, so you can take a bet on being able to get away with something loose and flowing if the weather’s destined to be warm. The boho hippy chick look always seems to go down exceptionally well at summer festivals, so you can team up a hides-everything flowing maxi skirt with some flat espadrilles or strappy sandals. Don’t even think about wearing heels. If you need to be told why wearing heels is not a good idea for a festival, you probably shouldn’t be going to a festival in the first place.

Cute and Kooky

A style that’s been a hit with festival goers in recent years has been the cute play-suit or cut-off shorts look. It looks amazing on fashion ambassadors like Alessandra Ambrosio, who rocked the look with an essential wide brimmed hat in 2011, and UK style queens like Alexa Chung. The only downside is that Daisy Dukes and rompers aren’t advisable for those of us with chunkier thighs than your average model. So stick with the maxi dress or skirt if your legs aren’t something you feel too comfortable showing off.

Get a hat!

Did we just mention the essential nature of the hat? A wide brimmed sunhat is non-negotiable in high temperatures, and not just because it keeps the sun off your face and stops you ending your date with a red nose and panda eyes. Keeping the sun off your head also stops you overheating, and, particularly if you’re prone to sun-induced migraines, you shouldn’t even think about leaving home without one.

There’s nowhere to plug in your iron…

That charmingly crumpled look is a mainstay of all music festivals with an overnight element, so take clothes with you that don’t need to be ironed. It goes without saying that linen is a no-no, no matter how cool it looks. Opt for hard-wearing fabric like denim, jersey separates which can be slung in an overnight bag and ping back to looking fabulous as soon as you put them on, and cool, light cotton fabrics that look cute and kooky if they have a bit of a crumple to them.

Accessorise in style

You’ll need a place to store your money, cell phone and aspirin, so invest in a cross-body bag that’s not too big, but big enough to keep everything you need close to you. You’ll want to be hands-free for arm waving, swaying and dancing, and you don’t want to be weighed down by anything too bulky either. Your date’s sense of chivalry would also be sorely tested if you asked him to carry your stuff around for you all day.

Shades are a must – impress your date with a quirky pair that fit with the image of the festival, and make sure you have them with you at all times. Forgetting your shades could really screw up your date if you spend the entire time squinting and screwing your face up, or worse, give yourself a headache from the glare. Besides, shades just look cool.

The great thing about music festivals is that they are one of those places where people get to be individual, express their personality and show off a unique sense of style (if they have one!). So remember to be yourself, above all.

Dating Symbol's guest blogger today is Alexandra, a lifestyle and travel blogger who loves to visit music festivals. This July she will attend Exit Festival in Serbia.

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  1. Yakir says:

    As a frequent attendee of summer music festivals, I can vouch for the fact that the music makes for an incredibly comfortable, relaxed environment. And, as music never fails to activate emotional triggers, going on a date to a festival is a great idea if you’re looking to REALLY get to know someone. And, yes, the attire is not as formal, which just makes everyone feel a bit less confined.

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