Your Weekly Horoscope MOORE STARS May 20-26, 2013

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Ready for an interesting week – my stars seem to give that indication – find out your weekly horoscope every MOnday right here on

ARIES [March 21-April 20]Twelve Horoscope Zodiac Star Signs signs - Christos Georghiou, weekly horoscope, Dating Symbol blogTwelve Horoscope Zodiac Star Signs signs - Christos Georghiou, weekly horoscope, Dating Symbol blog

Hold onto your seat Rams! Uranus is sending disruptions in your direction and [at the same time] Pluto demands that you shed your old skin and start afresh. Your motto for the moment is from birthday great Bob Dylan “There is nothing so stable as change.” Saturday’s Lunar Eclipse gets your enthusiasm firing … but avoid blurting out something that you later regret.


TAURUS [April 21-May 21]

With five planets [including Venus and the Lunar Eclipse] lighting up your money zones, you’ve got an urge to splurge. But don’t let a persuasive friend talk you into buying something you really can’t afford. Loved ones will overwhelm you … if you let them. Mighty Mars is marching through your sign, so it’s time for Bulls to be bold and show others who’s the boss!


GEMINI [May 22-June 21]

Relationships take centre stage this week, as the Lunar Eclipse shines a bright spotlight on partnerships. With no less than four planets powering through your sign, you’re keen to express yourself and have your needs met. But what about the significant others in your life? Balance and compromise are the keys, as you strive to find a happy medium between giving and taking.


CANCER [June 22-July 23]

Avoid the temptation to fly off the handle this week Crabs. If you try to control or manipulate others, then you’re in for a tumultuous and tense time. Uranus and Pluto are pushing you to let go of old ways of behaving, as you transform your relationships [at home and work] from the inside out. Your fertile imagination is firing, so put it to use via a challenging creative project.


LEO [July 24-Aug 23]

Lions – when it comes to work, the more proactive you are, the more successful you’ll be. Influential people are waiting to help you – all you have to do is swallow your pride and ask. The Lunar Eclipse energizes your entertainment zone, so it’s a wonderful weekend to party, go to a concert or entertain at home. But be careful you’re not being elastic with the truth.


VIRGO [Aug 24-Sep 23]

The Lunar Eclipse, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are all activating your career zone so you’re pumped up for professional success. But don’t try to re-invent the wheel Virgo! Instead, follow in the footsteps of successful predecessors. Plus approach old problems in creative new ways … and don’t spend so much time worrying about work that you lose motivation and momentum.


LIBRA [Sep 24-Oct 23]

If you stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone, you’ll have an eventful week full of exciting adventures. Serious Saturn is asking you to make some firm financial decisions so don’t waste precious time dithering around and being indecisive. Close personal relationships are in for a major shake-up, as Uranus and Pluto redefine what family life really means to you.


SCORPIO [Oct 24-Nov 22]

Problems you had last June or September may rise to the surface, as Uranus and Pluto square up again. Your natural inclination is to maintain the status quo. But, if you resist change, you’ll just aggravate [and prolong] an unsatisfactory situation. Plus possessive behavior will get you nowhere fast. Seems it’s time for stubborn Scorpios to let go … and then move on.


SAGITTARIUS [Nov 23-Dec 21]

With five planets firing up your relationship zone this week, it’s time to bite the bullet and patch up old partnership problems. Single Sagittarians – look for love with someone who is smart, sexy and spontaneous. Saturday’s Lunar Eclipse lights up your sign, which magnifies your positive [and negative] traits. So strive to be wise and witty … rather than bossy and boisterous.


CAPRICORN [Dec 22-Jan 20]

Have some of your Capricorn dreams been put on hold? Serious Saturn [your ruling planet] is urging you to take a long hard look at your aspirations for the future … and then revise them to better suit your current circumstances. When it comes to a difficult domestic situation – if you keep doing what you’re doing; you’ll just keep getting what you’re getting!


AQUARIUS [Jan 21-Feb 19]

Are you bored to bits? Powerful Pluto demands that you make important adjustments in your life … but they won’t be the changes you want or expect. So strive to approach the future with an open mind and an adventurous Aquarian spirit. There could be a few fireworks with a family member on Friday, so edit what comes out of your mouth and tread carefully.


PISCES [Feb 20-March 20]

Attention Fish … are you stuck in the middle of a financial fiasco? With Uranus and Pluto stirring up your money zone, the situation isn’t likely to improve quickly. You’ll just have to be a patient and pragmatic Piscean. Your imagination is firing on Sunday but don’t get carried away with ideas that have no basis in reality. Take the time to separate fact from fiction.


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Taureans and Geminis celebrate their birthdays this week.  So a big Happy Birthday if you’re one of the birthday girls/guys.  A few Celebrity Stars will be checking out their weekly horoscope as they are having their birthdays this week also – Joe Cocker, Cher, Dave Thomas, Ted Allen, Leo Sayer, Bernie  Taupin, Naomi Campbell, Joan Collins, Charles Kimbrough, Drew Carey, Shelly West, Bob Dylan, Tary Burghoff, Patti LaBelle, Priscilla Presley, Jim Broadbent, Kristin Scott Thomas, Mike Myers, Anne Heche, Stevie Nicks, Lenny Kravitz, Helena Bonham Carter and Joseph Fiennes.



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