Going Retro: Roller-Skating Date

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Looking for a unique, healthy idea for your next date? This is your opportunity to show your retro flair, and that summer body you’ve been working on.. and work on it at the same time.


Rewind before segways, razor scooters, and skate boards.. to the true retro-chic of roller-skating! It’s time to search the back of your closet, or purchase a new pair of skates, because this heart-revving hobby has some extremely amazing health benefits.

roller skating date idea

On top of the wholesome dating fun, roller-skating also provides a complete aerobic workout that involves all of the body’s muscles, including its most powerful – the heart. You might believe jogging to be an excellent form of exercise, which it is – but roller-skating actually trumps it, as skating burns more calories per minute, which aids in the reduction of body weight in the long run. In just one hour of rollerblading, one can burn roughly between 330 to 590 calories (based on a 143-pound person).


Another benefit to skating, making it an even better form of exercise than running or biking, is the fact that this form of exercise causes less impact on joints, thus reducing the likelihood of injuring your knees.


Have you ever been envious of the men and women who have great muscle definition in their legs (think about the men and women in the Olympics)? Well, by including roller-skating in your roster of outdoor activities, you will be able to achieve rock-hard thighs and calves thanks to the fact that skating tones and strengthens gluteal muscles, especially the inner thigh and quadriceps muscles. As an added bonus, roller-skating also tones your abdominal muscles. Talk about looking great in your bathing suit..


You may not think being balanced is important but it is. Being well balanced reduces the likelihood that you fall and hurt yourself or break a bone. Roller-skating helps improve your balance thus reducing your risk of falling. Of course, if you do take up the sport this summer, it’s always best to wear a helmet and knee and elbow pads as there may be a bit of a learning curve.


Are you now reminiscing on the days when you used to go roller-skating with your friends around the park? Even if you’re too young to remember the glory days, the fashion potential and harmless way of showing off your physic make it a great way to get to know your crush.


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