Tips on how to make your online profile stand out

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Online Dating is here to stay so you might as well find out how to make the most of your Online Profile…

For all those who are still looking for that special someone over online profile, credit Omkar - shutterstock_109407059, Dating Symbol blogthe internet, you have reached the right article. No more tears and seeking solace in that double cheese chicken mayonnaise burger or dollop of chocolate cream. If you are single and ready to jingle-n-mingle, then make sure to read some of our important tips for creating a rocking online dating profile:

1. Always think before you type

The first step is always picking up a username for your profile. Makes sure you do not try to be witty here in any way. Using names like “JohnnyJack”, “Goody-two-shoes”, “Sherminator”, etc will just keep your inbox empty – forever!

2. Simple and honest

Keep the unwanted details far away. People do not want to know what allergies you suffer from and how much you believe in yourself…blah blah. Just be honest enough in any conversations you make and remember to keep things simple, always.

3. Keep clichés at bay

Tie your hands down when you find yourself wanting to paste quotes by some yesteryear philosopher. Even over proclaiming your die-hard love for music, travelling and reading books is avoidable. Stop screaming out quotes like “Live and let live” and “Be yourself”.

4. Humour works everywhere

No one loves serious/ boring conversations of what life has done to you and how you are destined for mishaps. Put an end to your self-pity preaching and rather be funny. But, wait not too over-the-top funny. Things like what you discuss with your friends after two pegs down can sound offensive when shared online. Beware!

online profile, credit Omkar shutterstock_124570612 [Converted]a, Dating Symbol blog5. State what you are

Do not lie about having sea green eyes or auburn hair. People do not want to settle with someone they are not at all as they stated online. It will reap a complete disaster when the person meets you off-screen and in real life.

6. Say what you want directly

The “What I’m looking for” section on the online sites lets you express exactly what you want. If you are looking for Mr. Right, simply say that. The right answer in this section will makes things much easier for your dating experience and will help you avoid previous haphazard ones. On the other hand, if you’re interested in just casual flirting, then make that clear to the daters as well.

7. Not too directly!

Once an “About me” section on an online dating profile blatantly read, “Meet me at the hotel room asap!”  Avoid this kind of directness/tackiness.

8. Do not show-off your wealth

No one wants to know how much you make in a month. You are just proving how arrogant you are by doing this. Even if there are some people who want to know about it, then you are surely getting hooked on to some nasty ones. This will surely backfire on you someday.

9. Have a “clean” profile

Stay far from being too cheeky, profane and pervert. Everyone likes sex, but no one likes to be in your face kinky all the time. Also, do not abuse at the drop of a hat. No one likes to know how creative you are when it comes to using foul language.

10. Picture yourself well

Everyone online wants to see how you look. So, put up a picture of yourself and make sure it is a recent one. Refrain from editing and retouching your picture in any way. Avoid weird expressions and do include your face in your profile picture and not just other body parts.

We hope you find these tips helpful for a smart, fun-filled online dating experience. Share with us if you have any other tips or even tricks for internet dating scenes. Until then, have fun!


Dating Symbol’s guest author today is Omkar who is a psychologist by profession. Writer by passion, he writes on Teemper blog to unwind and chill out after a stressful day.




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