5 Awesome Apps to Help You Quit Smoking and Make Yourself More Attractive

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No Butts for a Great Date

Smoking isn’t good for you. We know know that, but thatquit Smoking, copyright permission Dixie Somers, Dating Symbol blog doesn’t make it an easy habit to kick. This global addiction is shortening the lifespan of people who have been struggling to quit for months or years. We all know the health hazards of smoking, but smoking can also be a real turn-off for people looking to date. If you are looking for a little extra help to kick the habit for a healthier you who is more appealing to the opposite sex, here are five helpful apps to help you kick the habit once and for all.


My Last Cigarette

Staying motivated when the cravings kick in is much easier when you have solid reminders of the reasons to quit smoking. You can enter your current habits into this iOS app and watch how much your lifespan will increase if you drop the cigarettes. Checking your expected lung health recovery can help you avoid craving it. The calculations provided by the app will really help you recognize the importance of quitting as soon as possible, and it will help you



A quick glance abilify at a diseased, damaged smoker’s lung may cause you to lose your taste for cigarettes. This Android app also tracks your progress at quitting and tallies the amount you’re saving each minute that you’re not smoking. You can even log into a supportive chat room right from your favorite mobile device to share your experiences and find out more tips for breaking your addiction and the health benefits of doing so. If you are already dating someone, also have them be a sounding board when cravings hit. They can help you on your road to quit smoking.


My Quit Coach

My Quit Coach is a great app that will get you to quit smoking, improve your health, and help you feel confident in your dating life. Livestrong offers a complementary iOS app to help you create a personal plan for smoking cessation. You will receive regular motivational updates throughout the day to keep you on track. The charts will record each day of success, and you will even get fun badges to celebrate your achievements as the days and weeks add up.



This is a great interactive app that can help you fight cravings and prepare yourself to be confident in your dating game. If you use a Windows phone, consider tracking your efforts through this app. It immediately displays a timer tracking the total time since your last cigarette, allowing you to count the hours as they add up. You can enter cravings and temptations to remind yourself of your ability to stay strong even when you really want to give in and smoke.


Quit Smoking

While the other apps listed here must be opened, this one sits as a small widget that you see every time you visit the home screen on your Android phone. Hit that red button anytime you feel accutanegeneric-reviews like smoking, and think of how much more appealing you will be to the opposite sex when you’ve quit. You can enter in your stress levels and save a record of your success in resisting a zoloft for children craving. Check your efforts with the automatic graph function for a immediate boost. Get yourself on track now to get back and be confident in your dating life.

Dating Symbol’s guest article was written by Dixie Somers and coauthored by Stanley Martinson. Dixie is a freelance writer and blogger who enjoys writing about home, health, and technology topics.

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