Top 5 TV Shows That Are Great For Date Night

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I just love a good  night at home with my ‘significant other’, snuggled up watching a good TV show. What better way to get to know that date than to have a great date night out – at home! Try some of these TV shows for size…

date ideas permission permission by Casey HaslemID-10044275Most couples love staying home for a date night with a favorite TV show. Utah cable, through its cable and internet partners, make these shows available 24/7. Here are 5 of the best:

The Walking Dead

There is nothing that bonds two people heart-ing each other than a zombie apocalypse. Besides, a dash of horror usually ups the emotional level of the viewer. You’re either ready for a bite of pizza with beer or in the mood for lots of nookie afterward.

Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty is a reality TV show notable for three things: ducks, beards, and straight-shooting hilarity of the absurd kind. Case in point: Vietnam veteran Si Robertson feels aggravated because his hunting dog refuses to obey his commands. Ridiculed by his nephew Jase, Si resolved to find himself a hunting dog that will not only obey him but match his unique personality. Aided by sis-in-law Miss Kay, Si eventually found his perfect dog: a brown-furred poodle that came and fetch like he wanted him to.

New Girl

Will they or wouldn’t they? It’s the classic push-and-pull attraction that made TV classics like Moonlighting so interesting to watch. New Girl Jess moves in with three young hot males Nick, Schmidt, and Winston. At first, the body politics strictly followed the don’t-fish-in-your-own-pool rule. That is, until Schmidt dirtied the water with Jess’ best girl, Cece. Then Nick and Jess shared an open-mouthed kiss which led to Jess’ boyfriend’s exit. Then Nick’s dad died and Jess impersonated Elvis.


The one thing going for the show is its longevity and, of course, Mark Harmon. His Leroy Jethro Gibbs is not only long in name but long in patience. Just don’t get on his bad side or you’ll test his legendary unflappability and find yourself in the doghouse. NCIS also wins your loyal viewership because, well, everybody is nice and treats each other like family. And the easy banter and chemistry between the actors seemed real, too.


Bones is a TV show that explores the theme opposites attract. In an ideal setting, humorless atheist Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan and Catholic FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth shouldn’t be together. But they now have a child and are living together in perfect harmony. She remains a humorless scientist who has zero knowledge of pop culture reference and he a caring and loving Christian man. Together, they’re perfect.

And here are some more fabulous date night ideas – you can stay in and watch some great shows or plan a date night out and about.

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