How to Feel More Attractive in 3 Easy Steps

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Do you ever wish you were more attractive? Of course you do. Your body is a work of art, and ask any artist and they’ll tell you that no masterpiece is ever truly complete.

Your body is the same way. There’s always room for improvement, even if you’re Kate Middleton.

When it comes to attractiveness, the good news is there’s no photodune copyright permission by Dr Mike Tremba, DAting Symbol bloglimit to the ways you can boost yours. I’ve tried dozens of methods over the years, and have found three fail safe options when it comes to making myself feel and be perceived as more attractive.


Dress to impress, not to seduce.

If you’re going on your first or fortieth date, it’s easy to fall back on a sexy dress that shows 90% of your legs, or a top cut so low that your bellybutton is the base of your cleavage.

Don’t do it. The 90’s are over, and showing skin is no longer the only way to be sexy.

Why is staying covered sexy?

First, it shows that you respect yourself. You have more to share with the world than a rocking body, and you know it. Many successful lifestyle improvement programs are full of success stories about people who found a way to love and respect their bodies, and the world of difference that it made.

Secondly, the more you cover up, the

more they want to see! Remember how fun Hide and Seek was as a kid? To men, a woman wearing a turtleneck and a pencil skirt is the equivalent of the best game of hide and seek they ever played.

Sure, the girl with her tramp-stamp blaring out from under a crop-top tee-shirt will turn a few heads, but a classy, sexy, covered-up look will hold their gaze, guaranteed.


It’s not Halloween—easy on the face paint

I remember my first high school dance. I stole my sister’s makeup collection—which consisted of multicolored glitter, eye-shadow in a handful of different violent shades of green and blue, and lipstick so red Ronald McDonald threatened to sue—and made myself “pretty.”

When I got to the dance, my date laughed and spent the night staring at the cheerleaders.

If you want to feel more attractive, don’t cover your face with bright colors. Nature put the hues in your skin, eyes and hair for a reason: because they complement each other! Play off of what you have, instead of trying to make yourself look like Chucky’s Bride.

Now, if you’re at all like me, figuring out about complementary makeup colors is a little overwhelming. I was fortunate that my friend’s mom is an aesthetician and gave me a two-hour tutorial on how to accentuate my features using good makeup, instead of masking my eyes under electric blue glitter.

Consult the makeup saleswoman at your local department store, or make an appointment for a facial at a salon. These ladies are trained to know what makes a face look good, and you won’t regret their insight.


Accept compliments

Have you even met one of those people who, no matter how kind you are to them—“That’s a beautiful sweater!”—they have a sarcastic remark in response—“Yeah, and Bill Cosby’s collection is alright, too?”

It’s obnoxious, and it’s unattractive. And we’re all guilty of it at one time or another.

Next time someone pays you a compliment, try this: Smile and say, “Thank you.”

By doing this, you’re tricking your mid—whether you believe the compliment or not—into accepting what they said as true. The result? You feel more attractive.

Reviews on the Diet Solutions Program by nutritionist Isabel De Los Rios describes countless stories of people who’ve found success through adopting healthy lifestyles. Compliments that they learned to accept, and even believe, because they finally had the body they always wanted.

One final tip?


Don’t limit yourself to other people’s advice—even mine

Everyone’s different, and while these standbys work for me infallibly, you might have to tweak or even veer away from them entirely to find your ego-boosting groove. The most important aspect of boosting how attractive you feel is keeping yourself on your toes.

So, surprise yourself! Maybe you normally wear flats to work—rock a pair of sexy heels, and see what that does for your ego. If you stick to the treadmill at the gym, try out the elliptical—it could give you a sexy boost!

No one likes a bored girl, so keep yourself excited… and exciting.

Dating Symbol’s guest author today is Hannah Tool, who having dated herself, and having spent lots of time with others who date, has learned an extraordinary amount from her experiences. She loves to share her passions through writing. In addition to writing about relationships, she also writes about eating well, losing weight, and living a fulfilled life. Her commentaries at are a testament to her passion.


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