Fashion and Staying Stylish This Summer – Tips & Tricks

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Fashion and Style can be your saviour – or your enemy when you’re out to impress. Here are a few tips to stay stylish this summer.

This summer, you are going to want to look your best. With Hugo Boss smart polos and Simply Boss shorts, you can make sure that your outfit allows you to dress to impress. While you may be interested in going out and getting the best designer labels, you will also need to take a look at the styles. There are a couple of things you will want to keep in mind regarding fashion and style when you are choosing the right clothes. It is important to ensure that you have the right wardrobe, so always get a varied selection of clothes that you can choose from. Simply Boss shorts are very good to wear in summer and give very good comfort and feel, just as Hugo Boss smart polos will

complement any shorts you select.

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Style and Function

While style is important, it is also a good idea to keep function in mind. This is going to mean getting clothes that you will be comfortable in. Depending on where you live, you may need very light clothing. If it is quite warm outside, then short-sleeved t-shirts and shirts will look quite good. Some people may even be interested in wearing sandals. Sandals can look great in a casual setting. If you are only having a couple of people around for a barbecue or a few drinks at home, then shirts and sandals can look great.


Tank tops can look good on both men and women, and they can keep you quite cool. If you have any tattoos that you like to show off, then by all means wear one. You can also get a range of short-sleeved shirts which are often better for those who have larger frames. These will help to make sure that you get the best look while keeping cool in the summer heat.


Simple Style

Sometimes the best style is the simplest. If you are more into the minimalist look, then summer is the perfect time of year for you. Of course, you may want to add a few extras, especially if you get a bout of cooler weather. While summer evenings can be warm, you may sometimes find yourself in need of a jacket or a coat. Light-colored coats can look good on men, but make sure that they are made from a material that will not cause you to heat up too much.

Dark Shirts

While dark shirts can be a lot warmer, they will also hide any sweat patches that might form. Nobody likes the look of sweat patches and therefore it is a good idea to wear something that is going to hide them. A sleeveless shirt is also a great way of hiding this.

Fashion and Style in Sunglasses

Everyone loves a good pair of shades, and these are not only going to give your outfit a more stylish edge. A good pair of sunglasses will ensure that your eyes are protected from the sun’s glare. If you drive, then you will want to make sure that you can focus on the road and that you will not be squinting the whole time.


Dating Symbol’s guest author on fashion and style today is Michelle Patterson, a freelance writer and blogger. He writes on various subjects such as style, design and travel.

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