Drama Shows that Men Will Watch with Their Wives

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Love drama? How about watching a good drama show with your other half?


Being married and having access to hundreds of channels means that there will be plenty of time watching TV together. This presents a situation in which we find ourselves battling over what to watch. Seeing that a man writes this article, maybe it is slightly biased, but I want to share some drama shows that husbands are sure to enjoy with their wives.


The best drama I have found recently with my wife is Sherlock

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on either PBS or BBC. This is one of the best shows I have watched in a long time. We are always searching for a good new show to watch and this one has taken the cake and then some! It has everything that both women and men can appreciate. With the main two characters you have this relationship that is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. Just the dialogue between Sherlock and Dr. Watson is reason enough to watch this drama. The writers are absolute geniuses. There is romance, action, mystery, and suspense. Every episode will have you scratching your head and trying to figure out where they are going to take the show. Every episode will have you aching for more. It has been torture for my wife and I to have to wait for season three. This show consists of two-hour episodes and only three episodes per season. There have been two seasons up to this point and I hear that season three will be airing Fall of 2013. If you women are looking for a drama that your husband will enjoy, look no further.


Game of Thrones on HBO is another drama that will have both husband and wife addicted. It’s not everyday that a TV show comes along that you can classify as epic. This drama is nothing short of epic. Everything is expertly done. Maybe it is the crazy Lord of the Rings fan inside of me, but I love this kind of show. It most likely helps that Sean Bean plays a major character. What both men and women can enjoy from this show is the great performances from the main characters. I love how you never know what the characters are going to do. It makes you wonder in every episode what is going to happen and what morally ambiguous behavior is going to present itself. This is a great show for the drama and fantasy lovers out there. You can watch any of these by calling or looking up http://www.getdirecttv.org.

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