Your Weekly Horoscope MOORE STARS March 4-10, 2013

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 I can feel a crazy week coming up – just for a change! HOpe your weekly horoscope is just what you are after.

Twelve Horoscope Zodiac Star Signs signs - Christos Georghiou, weekly horoscope, Dating Symbol blogTwelve Horoscope Zodiac Star Signs signs - Christos Georghiou, weekly horoscope, Dating Symbol blogARIES [March 21-April 20]

Slow down Rams! With five planets stimulating your privacy zone, solitude is soul food for you at the moment. Mars [your ruling planet] moves into Aries on March 12, so the period up until then is the perfect time to ponder, contemplate, meditate or reflect on where you have come from… and where you are heading. Then you can power ahead with passion and purpose.


TAURUS [April 21-May 21]

Your hedonistic, self-indulgent streak is activated early in the week so avoid the temptation to shop up a storm, max out your credit card and eat too many sweet treats. Thursday is your pick of the week, as Saturn and Pluto strengthen the bond in a close relationship and put you in the mood to make a deeper commitment. All types of study and research are favored.


GEMINI [May 22-June 21]

You’re keen to communicate and soak up new information … just make sure you are getting your facts from reliable sources, as retro Mercury continues to scramble your antennae. Thursday’s positive aspects help you persist with a challenging project. Be inspired by fellow Gemini, Kylie Minogue “I don’t want to fizzle out. I have to keep going, like a little Shetland pony.”


CANCER [June 22-July 23]

Expect a rocky road in a close relationship this week as Uranus, Pluto and Saturn stir up your crabby side. And avoid talking about politics and religion! With Mercury still in retro mode, what starts out as a lively discussion could develop into a fiery exchange. The weekend is a good time to organize your finances or research a subject that has always fascinated you.


LEO [July 24-Aug 23]

Cats are in a curious mood this week! You’ve got a giant appetite for gossip and up-to-date information … just make sure you don’t turn into the neighborhood nosey-parker. The weekend stars are wonderful for applying the personal touch. By nurturing close relationships and keeping the lines of communication open, you’ll find your options suddenly expand.


VIRGO [Aug 24-Sep 23]

Mercury is still reversing, so don’t accept information at face value [there will be a fine line between fact and fiction]. Thursday is wonderful for getting an incredible amount of work done, as you put distractions aside and power through projects. It’s also time to catch up on your backlog of correspondence … and delete a lot of stuff that’s been clogging up your inbox.


LIBRA [Sep 24-Oct 23]

When it comes to your health or your job, make sure you obtain information from credible sources. Finances are favored

on Thursday, as you collaborate with others to boost revenue at work or at home. With five planets activating your wellbeing zone, focus more on health and fitness. Choose a form of exercise where you have a partner … like tennis, golf or squash.


SCORPIO [Oct 24-Nov 22]

Don’t believe everything you hear [especially from a child, teenager or friend]. Have they embellished the truth … or have you misunderstood them? Check the facts. Your Scorpio creativity is stimulated on Thursday as you play music, paint, sing, dance, act or write. It’s also the perfect day to ditch superficial chit-chat, as you get deep and meaningful with loved ones.


SAGITTARIUS [Nov 23-Dec 21]

Communication is emphasized this week [especially with loved ones] so expect plenty of phone calls, emails, snail mail, texts and tweets. But avoid taking on more family commitments than you can handle – or saying something ridiculously rash to a stressed relative. For some savvy Sagittarians, a home-based business is just the thing to boost dwindling finances.


CAPRICORN [Dec 22-Jan 20]

What you say – and what others hear – may be two different things this week, as communication is somewhat scrambled. So take the time to explain yourself clearly Capricorn. Thursday and Friday are your best days, when Saturn and Pluto boost your ability to concentrate and multi-task.  It’s a wonderful weekend to catch up with contacts in your local neighborhood.


AQUARIUS [Jan 21-Feb 19]

With five planets firing up your money zone, it’s time to study up on your financial situation. The economic climate is constantly changing, so don’t get left behind. Attached Aquarians – aim to get the balance right between cozy companionship and invigorating independence. Singles – you get bored easily, so look for love with a lively Leo or a spontaneous Sagittarius.


PISCES [Feb 20-March 20]

This week there’s a tendency to scatter your energy, as five planets move through your sign. If you focus firmly on the tasks at hand, then you’ll move forwards in leaps and bounds. Attached Pisceans – with romantic Venus visiting your sign, it’s time to pamper your partner. Single Fish – you’re at your flirtatious best, as you attract admirers like bees to a honey-pot.


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Pisceans celebrate their birthdays this week.  So a big Happy Birthday if you’re one of the birthday girls/guys.  A few Celebrity Stars will be checking out their weekly horoscope as they are having their birthdays this week also –  Shakin” Stevens, Chris Rea, Patsy Kensit, Eva Mendes, Niki Taylor, Kiki Dee, Tom Arnold, Carole Bayer Sager, Micky Dolenz, Juliette Binoche, Sharon Stone and Carrie Underwood.

And if it’s your Birthday – hope you go out and celebrate with friends to the max. Happy Birthday to you – and don’t forget to check your weekly horoscope every Monday!


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