Vintage Fashion: How To Look Stylish in Your Mom’s Old Clothes

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Get with the “IN” crowd – Vintage Fashion is back…


Browse through any current magazine and it’s difficult not to notice: vintage fashion is definitely back. Clothing stores are doing their best to market these styles in new fabrics, but why not go to the original source? Not only are those clothes stowed away in mom’s closet more authentic, they’re much easier on the pocketbook. You can easily step out runway ready with a few tips and tweaks.


Scour Pour

Look everywhere! If you’re lucky, your mother will all have closets blossoming with the trends of yesteryear. However, some budding fashionistas are not so lucky. Not a problem. There are plenty of options for finding true retro styles without the elevated prices of vintage boutiques. Try local thrift stores. Estate sales and yard sales are great places to scour for goods. Another fantastic option is to check out old storage units, like Phoenix AZ self storage. There could be perfect fashion finds buried in storage.


Mix It Up

Though you’re going for a vintage style, it doesn’t often pan out to dress head to toe in seventies swag.Vintage Fashion, Dating Symbol blog, 1 photo source Dixie Somers Just as wearing too much of a current trend is a bit over the top, trying too hard in retro wear can easily slide you into the costume category. Try mixing current patterns and styles with a stylish statement piece from your favorite era. For instance, that retro vinyl raincoat is perfect with a classic A-line dress and opaque tights. That mini dress with the peter pan collar can be modernized with a fitted leather jacket and a pair of skinny denim jeans.


Sizing Shock

One thing to keep in mind when shopping for vintage is size shock. Sizing in past decades was less forgiving than we’re currently accustomed to. Bear in mind a size 12 in 1970 may be a bit closer to a size 7 in today’s system. The same goes for sizes running Small to Large. Be sure to try items on prior to purchasing.


It’s A Cinch

With the sizing caveat in mind, don’t be afraid to play around with old styles. A belt can update practically any item and often disguises imperfect fits. Try a wide belt at the waistline to add curves or a skinny belt just below the bust line to update less modern cuts. Also remember that with a few stitches or well-placed pins that old coat can turn couture.


Dating Symbol’s guest author today is  Dixie Somers who writes on behalf of For more information on self storage in Phoenix, AZ, please visit their website

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