6 New Cocktail Recipes to Try Out

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I adore cocktails and am always up to try a few new cocktails out – are you ready?

Nothing completes a dinner date, or perhaps an intimate gathering when you’ve served some of the newest, hottest, and nicest cocktail drinks. If you’ve been around partying and dating lately but you think you’ve been served the same, old drinks again and again, make your very own party something that everyone will talk about with these easy to prepare cocktails that will give everyone the reason to raise a toast and have more than just one glass.

Vanilla martinis

Vanilla martinis gives a delightful new look and taste to the perennialnew cocktails, Dating Symbol blog, photo credit Manilyn Moreno martini we so loved to gulp. Prepare a generous amount of ice, 300 ml vodka , vanilla extract , 100 ml Grand Marnier, a tablespoon of sugar syrup, and 3 vanilla pods. Mix ingredients in a large container and serve on martini glasses. Top with a strip of vanilla pod for added effect.

Avocado Margarita

Margaritas are perennial favorite among partygoers, but if you want to make it a little more exciting, grab the following ingredients and serve something surprising to your guests: 15 ml 1800 Silver tequila, 25 ml Cointreau, 45 ml lime/lemon juice, 45 ml agave, slices of ripe avocado, cilantro, celery salt, sliced lime or lemon.

First, make the Kosher/Celery Salt Rim. Get a bowl and combine 1 teaspoon of celery salt with 4 casino online tablespoons of Kosher salt.  Rim the glass by moistening Margarita glass using lime wedge. Dint salt mixture and set the glass aside.

Combine avocado, lime juice and agave nectar. Jumble the mixture.  Pour in tequila and Cointreau.  Add ice and shake well. Add ice on salt-rimmed glass then pour in margarita.  Serve with lime wedge/wedge on top.

Apple Cream Pop Martini

Apple cream pop martini is another exciting cocktail drink to try out. Prepare the following ingredients: 15 ml Triple Sec , 30 ml Sour Apple Pucker , 30 ml Vodka, 30 ml Cream, 100 ml Sour Mix, and a splash of Sprite. Inside a cocktail shaker, combine all the ingredients except for heavy cream and Sprite. Fill the martini glass with ice, pouring in the mixture then topping it with Sprite and heavy cream.

Leprechaun’s Triple Bypass Drink

Leprechaun’s Triple Bypass is proudly Irish and you’ll find this truly an ideal sip during special occasions. Prepare 30 ml of Vodka, 100 ml of Irish Cream, 40 ml Rum, over proof, 60 ml Schnapps, and lemon. Put all ingredients and mix all ingredients inside cocktail shaker. Add ice and strain in glass.

Moscow Mule

Prepare 3 lime wedges (muddled), 45 ml vodka (tequila is also a nice substitute), 45 ml ginger-chili syrup and a bottle

of beer. Fill in a pint glass with muddled lime wedges, chili-ginger syrup and vodka. Add ice, shake and top with beer before you blend.

Amber mist

You’ll surely delight serving

your guests with a glass (or more) of this cocktail drink. Perfect when exchanging some nice chitchat (or more). Prepare 5 cloves, 20 ml sugar syrup, 40 ml vodka , 20 ml Grand Marnier, 40 ml Earl Grey tea, and orange/lemon/lime zest.

Place cloves inside your cocktail shaker. Add a splash of sugar syrup then muddle cloves. Fill cup with ice then add vodka, Grand Marnier and Earl Grey tea. Tea should be cool enough before adding into the mixture. Shake and pour into a coupe glass. Top the mixture with a few drops of crushed orange zest and you’re off to serving a nice cocktail drink for everyone to enjoy.

Dating Symbol”s guest author today is  Manilyn Moreno who writes for Better Cater, a company providing software for catering. Aside from writing catering tips, she also writes about her interests such as traveling, outdoor activities, and fitness.












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