Five Ideas to Rekindle the Magic of Your First Date

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First Dates can be daunting but working out how to rekindle the magic of your first date is also a challenge. Try out one of these ideas and you may get that zing back in your relationship
Have you and your partner been dating for a while? You”ve probably gotten to that point in a relationship where you realize that all you ever do is go over to each other”s house for a movie – and if you live together, it”s even worse! Sitting down to watch TV together just doesn”t have the same spark as your first date probably did.

Here are five ideas to help rekindle the magic of your first date and spark the romance afresh.

1. Relive your first date

first date - Leonardo Dawson, Dating Symbol blog

first date – Leonardo Dawson, Dating Symbol blog

Wherever you took your partner for the first date, treat them to this experience all over again. Go to the same restaurant and then walk around, see a movie in the same theater, or bump into each other at the same time of day you first did. Your partner will think that”s the most romantic thing ever! You can even make up a picture storybook of the first date, or take a picture in the same place as your first photo together.

2. Try a

new cuisine together
Don”t go see a movie; it doesn”t help rekindle romance when you”re sitting in a dark theater. Instead, you want to focus on activities that will make you talk to each other and admire every little thing you like about each other all over again. Trying a new cuisine can be a way for some people to break out of the routine of going to the same restaurants. Look for new restaurants that you”ve never been to and experience one of them together.

3. Go skiing or scuba diving
If it”s the middle

of winter and there”s a mountain nearby, how about skiing together? You can go to the downhill ski courses or try cross-country skiing. This works best if neither of you have skied before and you can support each other while laughing at each other! If you”re not in a snowy area, scuba diving is another fun activity and there are some indoor scuba diving facilities that will help you discover each other”s curiosity in a whole new world.

4. Go to an amusement park


This unconventional idea is perfect if your partner likes fairground rides or midway games. Set aside a chunk of money and buy all-day ride passes if you”re both adrenaline junkies, and try to go on every ride together. She can scream and cling, and he can win her stuffed animals by tossing the ring or throwing darts. This experience will help you bond and giggle like kids together again.

5. Make a date night at home
Don”t just mindlessly sit down and watch TV together; make an effort to mark a cost of clomid date on the calendar and prepare for a date night at home. Send the kids to stay with their grandparents or a babysitter if you need to, or swap babysitting with a neighbor so both of you can do this. First, cook dinner for your loved one, then drive to choose a rental movie from a store nearby (or the library, if you”re on a budget). Make sure you have popcorn ready and pop a bag halfway through the movie. If you have a fireplace, light it up; otherwise, keep a blanket nearby so you can cuddle.

Whether you and your partner prefer elaborate dates or simple ones, you can find the spark that you had back when you went on your first date! Pick one of these ideas and surprise your partner or plan it together for a day of romance when you both need a break from the stress of everyday life.

Dating Symbol”s guest author today is Jack Harding – an old romantic at heart who simply can”t sit still! He enjoys going on weekly dates with his wife and dreaming up new things that they can see and do together. Click the link to find out more information and get some ideas of your own.

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