Are e cigarettes good for your health?

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Never heard of an e cigarette? Well, check this information out, you might become hooked – it”s got to be healthier  and cheaper than the alternatives…

The use of e cigarettes is in vogue these days. The individuals that have switched over to these cigarettes think that they can quit smoking with them, while there are few others that feel these cigarettes do more harm than good. So, there are conflicting opinions and views but we need to get straight to the facts. Just as every coin has two sides, there are advantages as well as disadvantages of e-cigarettes too. In this write up, let us find out whether or not you can rely on these electronic cigarettes to get rid of the smoking habit that you have developed several years ago and most importantly let us see how effective they are.

Why would you like e cigarettes?e cigarette, Dating Symbol blog, photo credit Sarah James

So, we first begin with the facts that compel us to believe that these small non tobacco devices are good and will help you.

  • Let us start with expenses. We all know that as per government regulations, eventually the cost of the conventional cigarettes and also the taxes imposed on them are escalating. So, if we take into account this factor, it can be said that the electronic device is much cheaper. For instance, the e cigarette cartridges contain around 200 puffs depending on the model you are using. Expect to shell out around USD$20/week.
  • When you smoke them no smoke is emanated. As such the surrounding is devoid of smoke and you do not become a passive smoker too.
  • We all know that smoking is an addiction that is not easy to give up. If you can substitute the tobacco filled cigarette with these e cigarette cartridges, there’s nothing like it.
  • You do not have to worry about the smoking and non smoking zones in public places

Why you wouldn’t like e cigs?cheap e cigarette, Dating Symbol blog, Photo credit Sarah James

Despite the fact that there are so many benefits and advantageous aspects, nevertheless, the electronic devices do have some lacunae. Many individuals have reported to suffer from dehydration. This may be due to the presence of propylene glycol.

There have been instances when there were battery explosions in e-cigarettes. As per reports, an individual in Florida suffered injuries in his tongue, teeth, and mouth due to the explosion.

You may not get the same taste of real cigarette if you are using electronic cigarettes. So, if you happen to be a first time e cig smoker, you may be a bit disappointed.

This is quite annoying because despite the fact that the e-cigarette cartridges are available in different flavors like coffee, peach, vanilla, peppermint, and menthol, it is quite difficult to get the actual taste of the conventional cigarette.

Is it effective?

Whether or not the e cigarette is helpful in helping individuals in quitting smoking is debatable. This is because there are varied preferences and they definitely differ from one individual to another. If a particular trait of an electronic cigarette is not liked by a smoker, the same trait may be liked by someone else.

Dating Symbol”s guest blogger today is James who has written articles on health and fitness. Different issues pertaining to lifestyle and health appeal to her, which she writes in her articles. Here you will find how she has stated that despite the fact that e-cigarette cartridges are of low cost, there are people that refrain from using these electronic devices for smoking.

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