Tips for a Tropical Honeymoon

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Can’t wait to run away with your soon-to-be spouse to some tropical paradise? Tropical honeymoon destinations can be the most romantic, but can also be a pain if you don’t prepare ahead. Unless you want to end up in your room all sunburned, sick, or avoiding bad weather, make sure you do some research before booking your flight and hotel accommodations.


Here are some tips and tricks to make the most out of your much-anticipated dream honeymoon.



Once you have chosen the location, prepare your documents in advance. These documents include airline tickets, passports, visas, identification cards, credit cards, hotel reservation confirmations, medical/trip insurance coverage, and two photocopies of each – one set of photocopies to be left at home, and another to be left in the hotel room. You might also want to ask your doctor for medical clearance, shots you might nee, and tropical diseases to be wary of.



Weather plays an important role during honeymoons as it usually sets the mood of the your romantic getaway. If you’re heading to the Bahamas, make sure you steer clear of the hurricane season. If you plan to fly to Asian countries, like Philippines and Indonesia, it is also a good idea to avoid the

seasonal monsoons. For more details and suggestions, it is best to contact your travel agent first. After all, the last thing you would want on your honeymoon is to feel stressed and frustrated.



When you’re not in the beach sporting your latest swimsuit, go for light, breathable, colorful clothing that still protects you from the sun. Sundresses will be great on women, while sleeveless shirts and board shorts will be awesome on men. However, also bring a couple of formal attires for your romantic dinners. Women, don’t forget to pack your sexy lingerie!



One of the things you can enjoy in a tropical climate is walking about. You might do a great deal of walking around time, or walking on the beach, or roaming the resort. Protect your feet from sores and blisters by taking comfortable footwear with you. Aside from a pair of sexy heels, include a pair of  flip flops, sneakers and water shoes. Sore feet can put you and your partner in a bad mood.



Every couple wants to have fun, but always remember to put safety first. Accidents are huge downers during honeymoons. The same goes for food poisoning, sunburn, and other accidents. If you want to get drunk, stay in your room, or close to it. If you are into water sports, follow instructions properly. Bring sunblock and insect-repellent lotions. Pack antihistamine pills in case you become allergic to a certain type of dish.



There are a lot of things you can do during your honeymoon other than stay indoors. There are numerous activities and excursions in tropical resorts that you will both love. These activities include water sports, spas, nightlife and many more. But remember…


Don’t overschedule

…don’t expect to be able to do all the activities during your stay. Schedule your activities wisely. After all, the main reason you went on a honeymoon is so that you can take the time off, relax, and spend quality time together. The other activities can be done on your next visit.


How about you? Share with us other tropical honeymoon tips you think might come in handy!



Dating Symbol”s guest author today is Melissa Page who is a passionate writer who works with Couples Resorts, four all-inclusive resorts perfect for your romantic tropical getaway. When she’s not writing, she’s bowling with friends.












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