Bring A Distinct Italian Flavor To Your First Date!

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Who doesn”t live Italy for it”s flavors, festivities and fabulous food. I just adore Italy and for your first date I believe there”s no better way to impress than with a wonderful Italian meal…mmm…


Good food is an absolute must, when you are on a romantic date with a special one. In what follows, I will relate my first dating experience, at the well-known Toscana restaurant in Dublin.

The idea of online dating never fascinated me. I mean, Dating first date feast, Dating Symbol blogwhy should anyone go on a romantic outing with someone who (s)he has not even met in person even once? Imagine my chagrin and irritation then, when my elder sister one day proudly proclaimed that she had hooked me up with someone for a dinner date on Christmas night (this was two years back)! Mostly because I had nothing better to do on that evening and also since it was at the renowned Toscana Restaurant that my sister had made the reservations, I decided to tag along. The girl in question, Patricia, turned out to be a really nice, pretty, knowledgeable person – and, together with the lip-smacking Italian cuisine available over there – our first date went surprisingly well. Little did I know that there many more such dates with her to follow!

I won’t say that food was the be-all and the end-all of our first date, but it certainly played an important part. If you are planning to take out your lady love on a romantic dinner too, I would strongly suggest going to any of the classy Italian restaurants in Dublin. You can get an idea of how we set the mood for our lovey-dovey meal, by taking a look at the dishes that we ordered:

  • Soup – Now, most of my buddies do not quite like soup as a starter, but Patricia turned out to be an exception (thankfully, for I love Italian soups!). We decided to go for the Chestnut soup, with a dash of delicious cream

    in it. Soft, fresh Italian bread (much like our new-fangled romance) and meatballs were there as the other appetizers.

  • Main course – I will be frank – I had never seen a girl who was as clear-headed while ordering food at a high-end restaurant, than Patricia. Among the many Italian dishes present on the menu, she selected a low-fat pasta preparation for herself, along with some salmon. As for me, I went with the more familiar option of pizza with yummy toppings, and grilled chicken. If your date is a li’l bit finicky about eating rich food, you can go for a gluten-free meal as well. Foodie that I was, I had ordered for French fries on the side though!
  • Wine – Oh well, what is a date without the clink of glasses, and some sparkling red wine? The tastes of mine and Patricia’s matched in this regard too – and we ordered for a bottle of the finest Tuscan wine, which featured prominently in the liquor menu of Toscana restaurant. If your partner is a teetotaler, do not go on a drinking binge on your own though. That’s irresponsible and rude!
  • Dessert – The conversation was sweet, the meal was grand, and it was only fitting that we rounded off things with some

    really good dessert delicacies. I was all in favor of ordering the traditional Tiramisu, while Patricia went for a helping of chocolate fudge cake. She offered me a bite of the cake too! If you are on a date too, never underestimate the importance of choosing the right dessert. The gals love it, I tell you!

The meal was over, the date and time for the next meeting was fixed (three days later, in case you were wondering!), and it was time for me to walk Patricia home. We had decided to dine at the Toscana restaurant again – and try out some of the other specialty dishes over there. There are many other top-notch Dublin restaurants too, where you can take the love of your life!

So, what happened to my budding affair with Patricia? We hitched up in November 2011 – and she’s currently reading every word that I am writing, from right over my shoulder!

Today”s author Joselin John is a renowned author. She regularly writes on the web, on different lifestyle topics. Over here, she recounts her first romantic date, at the Toscana restaurant.



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    I strongly suggest and refer Toscana Restaurant in Dublin for Italian dishes.

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