Quick and Easy Party Food Ideas

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It”s still the festive season and with New Year”s Eve

parties coming up you will love these quick and simple party food favorites that YOU can make too.

It can be very difficult sometimes finding frugal food options for parties. There are bound to be fussy eaters, people with food allergies, and a long list of likes and dislikes. The food needs to be finger food, low faff and easy to prepare without costing a fortune. Here below are some ideas for party food:

The best and quickest party food ideas include appetizers. They are easy to eat, and most importantly easy to make.

Meat balls in sauce:  Get a pack of frozen meatballs. Put them in a crock pot and add lots of marinara. Turn the crock pot on high and you are set to go.

party food, Dating Symbol blogTiny Tacos

Make a huge batch of hamburger meat and taco beef. Add seasoning. Scoop the taco meat into mini taco shells. Arrange on a plate to serve.

Herby Bacon Toasties

An excellent appetizer to make and serve is chutney, bacon and fennel on top of mini pieces of toast. It’s both sweet and salty, which is what everyone loves to eat.

Mini Cheeseburgers

Cook some mini hamburgers pan-fried or on the grill. Place them mini buns. Add cheese slices. Have some condiments available for your guests.


Throw n some veggies, lettuce and your favorite salad dressing together. It’s quick and easy.

Chicken Wings

Making them is easy. You can fry or bake them in an oven. Pop them in, give it

time to cook, and then take it out and it’s ready to serve.


Everyone loves cupcakes. They are just the right size so you don’t overeat. Use different frostings, so everyone can find one they like


Cookies are another dessert party idea that everyone loves. party finger foods, Dating Symbol blogThey are nice and easy to eat.

Fruit Skewers

Get some strawberries, water-melons, pineapple, cantaloupe and some other fruits to place on wooden skewers.

Steak Skewers

Grill some steak and cut them into small pieces. Place them on skewers and have some barbecued as a side.

Cheese Quesadilla

This is one of the many easy party food ideas that you can make on your own. Take some cheese, and whatever else you would like and place it in quesadillas. Brown each side until the cheese melts. Cut into triangles.


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