How to Prepare a Grand Xmas Meal on a Budget

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With Christmas around the corner, now is the time to make sure you”ve got your Christmas Menu in order so that you can prepare this festive meal on

a budget. This post will definitely help you…

Christmas is upon us and soon so will all of your nearest and dearest for this year’s Xmas dinner. It is a brilliant time of year; one where all the family come together for once and enjoy each other’s company, but times are hard at the moment and many of you will be wondering just how to keep up the standards of years gone by now that the pennies are a little hard to come by. Don’t let those worries get you down, here is a simple guide on how to make a little go very


meal on a budget, credit:, Dating symbol blog

Shop Around: We all have our favourite supermarket which we go to without fail once a week to get in all of the essentials, but is that really the best place to get in your Christmas ingredients? With the advent of more and more low-cost supermarkets and frozen food stores, it is the time to get out there and just see exactly what kinds of offers there are. At this time of year bug retailers are falling over themselves to get things out of the door. Be patient, do some research, and you’ll soon see the savings rack up.

Get Organised: One of the easiest ways to go over budget is for you to be unorganised. You need to sit down and think about exactly what it is you need, get out and find the cheapest price, and then get it bought. Now is not the time for buying thing on last minute whims. You know what you want, you get it, and then you’re set.

meal on a budget, credit:, Dating Symbol blog

Ask For Help: There is no shame in asking for a little bit of assistance with such a big undertaking. Suggesting to other family members that they bring a dish with them is a great way of not only saving money but also getting more people involved in the whole experience. This need not be done in such a way that people think you are struggling to get a dinner together; you can just suggest it as a fun way to make the whole meal more interesting.

Check your Cupboards: It is often amazing what is hiding at the back of the cupboards. Have a good check through exactly what it is you have before you go out and start buying new things. Of course the meat and vegetables all need buying from new, but there may be essential ingredients hidden away somewhere that you don’t need to buy any more of.

meal on a budget, credit:, Dating Symbol blog

Pre-budget: It may sound silly but there is no excuse to not know when Christmas is coming. If you know that it’s your turn to cook this year, plan well ahead. A little bit of saving here and there in the period leading up to the big day could mean that you don’t have to scrimp and save at all on the event itself. Remember this is a unique event and it is important to make it go as well as possible.

The dining furniture is all in place and you’ve produced yet another miracle of a meal on a budget. Your closest friends and family are all sitting around the table together for what might be the only time this year. Forget about money, it really isn’t so important. This is what Christmas is really all about- enjoy it!

Dating Symbol”s guest post is by Kitstone – Hand made furniture specialists.



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